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Déjà vu

Concert Stock PhotographyHave you ever had that eerie feeling that you’ve been there, done that? Me too!

When I woke up this morning, I started rummaging through my closet, not really knowing what I was looking for, and had a ah-ha moment as soon as I saw my old Magic 8 Ball. Don’t ask me why. I just did. Like I’d done this all before. You know, like I was psychic or something.

Because I was still feeling a little strange, I then did the darndest thing! I told my wife, Ruth, we were heading to the Berkeley Psychic Institute Fair in Sacramento. You’re not going to believe her response. She said, “I know, silly, you’ve been talking about it all week in your sleep.” Really? And I thought I’d never even heard of the place! I though I’d be going to a concert.

That’s when I woke up and realized it was all just a dream. But I knew what I had to do: go check out this psychic fair and see if they could give me an answer. So, I grabbed my trusty Magic 8 Ball, donned my purple shirt and sandals, and headed out the door. (I know, I’m stylin’.)

The Berkeley Psychic Institute (also known as BPI) is a religious organization dealing with psychic development, founded in 1973 by former Scientologist and Rosicrucian Lewis S. Bostwick in Berkeley, Calif. It is also the workshop of the seminary of the Church of the Divine Man.

They are still based in Northern California, with locations in Berkeley, Mountain View, Sacramento and Santa Rosa. Each location holds free monthly fairs, inviting the public to visit and see what it’s all about.

BPI offers a number of programs that teach the art of psychic reading, helping you fine-tune your sixth sense through meditation and increasing your ability to perform psychic readings on others.

Not only does BPI offer courses for enhancing one’s psychic ability, they also have courses about the profession in general, like clairvoyant training, trance medium clinics and spiritual healing clinics.

When Ruth and I arrived at the Sacramento fair (not a concert), we were greeted by director Bill Raven. He explained that they offered free spiritual healings as well as a myriad of psychic readings for a nominal fee. Choices include readings about career, family, past lives, palm reading and a whole lot more.

Ruth and I decided on a family reading, and while we were waiting we met Joe and Julia Heath (pictured above with Bill Raven). Julia had readings in the past, but this was Joe’s first time. Joe was one of the few other men waiting for a reading, so I thought for sure Julia had dragged him into this, and was surprised to learn Joe wanted to come for his birthday.

While we didn’t experience a spiritual healing ourselves, we were lucky enough to watch as Julia was given one by Bill himself. He explained that he utilizes three beings for his healings: Jerry (with a light blue aura), Cherie (a woman from the 1700s who worked on a farm in France) and Ulan (a Hawaiian shaman who provides amusement).

Bill appeared to be pushing Julia’s aura around while he explained that she could receive a healing on the energy field around her body on a specific problem or just have a general “cleansing.” These healings do not involve physical contact. He added that an aura healing heals your energy, and then you heal your body. As he finished, he asked Julia how she felt and she said she felt warm all over.

Ruth has always believed in psychics, and I do too. Sort of. I would just like some facts to back it up. A psychic named Michelle performed our family reading and started by asking a few questions about whether there was anything specific we would like to know. She quickly zeroed in on two of our kids. Ruth believed she was quite accurate in her descriptions and, in fact, Michelle did tell us the age of one of the kids. However, I believe somebody could have guessed the answers by our discussions prior to and during the reading.

So is all this real? Can people read and heal your aura? Read your palms to reveal your future? I don’t know the answer, but I know what does: my trusty Magic 8 Ball! I gave it a go and got the following response: “Reply hazy, try again.” Dammit! I think they must’ve really messed with my aura because my Magic 8 Ball has stopped working. I need to get to a concert!

All in all, we had a good time and met some nice people. If you get a chance, head over to BPI and check it out for yourself. The next fair is Feb. 26 and 27.

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