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Major Jerk

Yesterday a funny thing happened in the California National Guard. I say funny, but I don’t mean in a haha kind of way. I mean in a WTF kind of way.

Some jerk in the National Guard, a guy by the name of Major General William H. Wade II was forced into retirement. You see he was caught double dipping ““ hold on ““ he’s a Major? Does that make him a major jerk? I think it does.

A Sacramento Bee investigation determined that “‘ole Major Jerk had received about $155,000 in improper double-dip earnings. Basically this guy was getting two day’s pay for a single day of work.

A Guard auditor concluded that Major Jerk did in fact owe the state $155,000, but due to the statute of limitations for recoupment (whatever!) they could only go after him for a tad over $88,000, which he has yet to pay anything back.

So as punishment for lying, cheating, and stealing from the National Guard ““ basically us tax payers – they have decided to “summarily remove” him from the Guard, forcing the poor schmuck into early retirement.


I can assure you if anyone in the private sector came under this kind of scrutiny, they would have been fired as in – Don’t let the door hit you on the way out fired. As far as retirement? How many people in the private sector have a sweet ass retirement waiting for them at the end of their career? I’m betting not many.

Let’s face it, this state and this country are in a sorry state. There are a lot of Major Jerks out there, each one destroying the very fabric of this country. For example, when confronted by federal officials the California Guard refused to respond to federal inquiries, claiming it amounted to undue federal intrusion. “We bristled,” a top Guard official told The Bee, because “we are very protective of our state status and state sovereignty.”


The bottom-line is we need more people in office who are willing to clean up government.

I’d like to thank the Bee for bringing this to light. Protection Status



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