Help Film Mark Farner’s Life Story!

Mark Farner

Flagday Productions has started production on a documentary that will chronicle the life, successes and struggles of Mark Farner, a founding member of Grand Funk Railroad.

I’m Your Captain: The Mark Farner Story, is inspired by the life of Farner who became a rock star in his 20s and dominated the charts for 10 years. An advocate for Native American issues, military veterans and the rights of American workers, Farner has led an interesting life with wife Lesia, and their four children.

Some of you may be wondering who the hell’s Mark Farner. Some might even be struggling to recall Grand Funk Railroad. Farner was the lead singer for, and wrote many of, Grand Funk Railroad’s hit songs. The band broke The Beatles’ record for the fastest ticket sell-out (72 hours) at New York’s Shea Stadium back in 1971. They sold millions of albums and had numerous hits including “I’m Your Captain (Closer to Home),” “The Loco-Motion,” “Some Kind of Wonderful,” “Bad Time,” “Heartbreaker,” “Foot Stompin’ Music” and “We’re an American Band.”

“Rockumentaries” have been done before; describing the rise and fall of a group’s success, excessive drug use, destructive behavior, all followed by the demise of the group, due to “interpersonal” issues – which usually means someone in the band shagged someone’s significant other, or they simply disagreed on the name of their next album.

So what’s the big deal?

Back in 2010 Farner’s life took a tragic turn. His youngest son, Jesse, became a quadriplegic after an accident, causing Farner to refocus his passion on his music in order to help his son rebuild his life.

The entertainment industry, being a very giving group of people, took notice and came together, thanks to the efforts of Rock “‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp founder, David Fishof. Fishof contacted Roger Daltrey of The Who and they went on to throw a benefit concert for Farner and his family, raising much needed funds to pay mounting medical bills.

This dramatic turn in Farner’s life will add depth to the film, elevating it above the rockumentary status and provide a look into a legend in the rock star world, a family man, and a man driven to help others.

You can help make this happen and support award-winning filmmaker and director, Vincent Straggas, who will tell Farner’s story using archival and new performance footage, interviews with Farner, his family, friends, former band mates and others.

To help make this happen go to, where you can help fund the making of this film. The more you contribute the bigger the perks. You can contribute as little as $25. Want to participate in the a Rock n’ Roll Fantasy Camp “All-Star Celebrity Concert”, w/ Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, at the Playboy Mansion in California? You can ““ for $2,500. Protection Status



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