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Michael Jackson + BestOnlineCasino = Hair Ball?

Ever since Michael Jackson died, born-again fans have been coming out of the wood work to show their love and affection.

Prior to his death nobody wanted anything to do with him due to his “legal” troubles.

The Jackson estate, and profiteers alike, have all flocked to grab a piece of Michael in order to make a buck. And when I say a piece of Michael – I’m not joking. (formerly is betting on Michael Jackson to rock and ‘roll’ again.

You see these forward thinking people at BestOnlineCasino had a genius moment (tongue-in-cheek).  While these wonderful folks may not have him rocking and rolling, they will have him rolling and bouncing.

Last December, just after their genius moment, BestOnlineCasino was able to purchase, at auction, some of Michael’s hair for a whopping $10,871.

WTF!? Was someone actually collecting his hair? Who was it, Pepsi?

Ok, so to make a short story long, BestOnlineCasino took these precious locks of hair and transformed them into, of all things, a roulette ball. The best part is they actually made a video of the making of the ball, and it was at made at a “secret location.”

How cool is that. Wink, wink.

This gives hair ball a whole new meaning.

Based on the video, It appears there was some left over hair and BestOnlineCasino’s, Kim O’Neill, alluded to the fact that there was more to come.

I don’t even want to think about what’s next.

According to Jack Mason, spokesperson for;

“I speak for everyone at when I say I’m overjoyed with both the roulette ball and the ‘making-of’ video. When we purchased Michael Jackson’s hair last year, it was to create a fitting tribute to one of the world’s greatest entertainers. Not only am I proud to say we’ve done this, I’m delighted that we’ve been able to share the magical experience of its creation with Michael’s millions of fans through our video.”

Stay tuned to see what’s next for this now famous hair ball.

In the meantime click on any of the items below, while they may not be locks of Michael’s hair, I’m sure they’ll bring you hours of pleasure nonetheless. 😆 Protection Status

The biggest selling single record of all time is . . .


I’m thinking .  .  . I’m thinking .  .  .  Well it must be a Beatles or Elvis tune.


How about a Madonna song?


Lady Gaga!?


I know. It’s gotta be that Bieber kid. You know the one who’s wanted for questioning due to roughing up a photographer over the weekend.


The single was recorded 70 years ago today by a man named Harry Lillis Crosby, better known as Bing Crosby. What the hell did her record? Everybody’s favorite ““ “White Christmas”

I know, it brings a tear to my eye just writing this stuff.

Crosby’s rendition has sold over 50 million copies. Take into account all the other renditions of the song and it’s sold well over 100 million copies.

Source: The United States Census Bureau ““ Our friggin tax dollars hard at work.


La Original Banda El Limon

Banda El Limon - Click for more images

La Original Banda El Limon was kicking it old school ““ Mexican style – at Thunder Valley Casino Resort on Saturday.

The always sexy Carmen Jara opened for Banda El Limon in Thunder Valley Casino’s outdoor amphitheater for the second concert of the Summer Concert Series. While I don’t speak Spanish, I do appreciate good music, and thought Jara was doing a fantastic job. However, the crowd just wasn’t getting into her performance.

Jara was doing everything she could to work up the crowd. She unsuccessfully tried getting the crowd on their feet and clapping to the beat of the music.

Jara was popular in the 90’s and became known as a member of the new Mexican folklore. Performing in Tijuana as a child she moved to Mexico City at the age of 16 to further her career in music.

Carmen Jara

After her debut album Herencia, she signed on with Fonovisa, debuting with La Mujer…El Nuevo Folklore de Mexico and 1994’s Y Tú Te Quedas. She really came into her own in 1996 with the release of Mujer Enamorada, followed by Con Sentimiento in 1997.

Once La Original Banda El Limon took the stage the energy in the audience completely changed. As they went from song to song with horns blaring, including a gargantuan tuba, audience members were dancing in the aisles and at their seats.

The 17 member band put on a high energy show from start to finish. They were well choreographed and well-polished with every band member dressed in the same red suit.

Original Banda el Limón is one of the oldest groups in contemporary Mexican banda. Originating in the 60’s and led by clarinetist Salvador Lizarraga Sánchez, the 17-member band has featured many classic vocalists during its history, including Julio Preciado, José Ángel Ledesma (“El Coyote”), Jorge Cordero, Luis Antonio López (“El Mimoso”), and Nico Flores.

Throughout their history, the group has balanced old and new music with a traditional sound. There were the first banda artists to amplify and synthesize their sound.

I was not able to get all of the band member’s names, but below is a list of the ones I did get.

Gotta Love That Tuba!

Juan Barbosa Lizarraga

Alberto “Zapatitos”


Andrey Lizarraga

Jorge Lizarraga “EL MAYA”

Abraham Rodriguez “Tejillas”

Eduardo Osuna “TAPON”

Ruben Lizarraga

Juan Luis “EL TROSO”

Cesar Ochoa “EL SUPER”

Francisco Lizarraga “Panchito”

Luis Antonio “Tonio”

Agustin Torres

Carlos Lizarraga

Cesar Ochoa

Catch Ramon Ayala on Saturday, September 15th, at Thunder Valley Casino Resort. Last years show sold-out so get your tickets early.

Tesla Continues to Electrify!

Tesla - Click for more images

Tesla, not to be confused with Nikola the coil guy, kicked off Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s Summer Concert Series on Friday night, with an electrifying performance in front of a sold-out crowd of diehard Sacramento fans.

This was one hell of a show and Tesla’s third at Thunder Valley Casino, and still a sold out show.


Could it be because ever since they released their latest album, Twisted Wires, they’ve been on the road almost non-stop? Or could it be because Jeff Keith, the 53 year old lead singer’s voice is simply aging like a fine wine? Or maybe it’s because fellow band members Troy Luccketta (drums), Brian Wheat (bass), Frank Hannon (guitar), and Dave Rude (guitar), just get along and are having a great time together?

Pat Martin, Courtney Keith, and Joe Bob Keith

Whatever the reason, fans around the globe are thankful that Tesla is continuing to tour, bringing their long hair, attitude, and some kick-ass tunes.

Keith came out before the concert, much as he did last year with son Joe Bob. His daughter Courtney was also there to help bring Joe Bob backstage. However, this year Joe Bob was walking and trying to kick around a beach ball onstage, and Courtney’s becoming quite the young woman with a rock-star look.

After Courtney carried Joe Bob offstage Tesla opened with “Comin’ Atcha Live.” The crowd was on their feet, screaming and clapping before Keith uttered a note. There were even a few lighters being raised, rock-style, into the air.

They followed up with a couple of songs from their new Twisted Wires album “Edison’s Medicine” and “Into the Now,” as Keith gave a shout out to Nikola Tesla, the father of radio.

As the band started playing Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You,” Joe Bob was rolled out onto the stage with Keith kneeling down singing to his son. The whole time Joe Bob was fascinated with the microphone. It was a very touching moment between father and son, something many won’t soon forget, as it brought a number of audience members to tears. Keith said after the song;

Joe Bob with Dad - Click for more images


“Children are the most purest, precious, thing in this world.”

I have to agree with Keith, but let’s check back with him in a year, as Joe Bob goes through the terrible twos. I think he just might change his tune.

In true rocker form Keith was vibrating from one side of the stage to the other all night, even though his doctor advised him not too. He was performing with a torn rotator cuff – Ouch!



It was fun watching Hannon and Wheat play guitar together, and then trade off with the Jim Carrey of guitar Dave Rude. Yes, there I said it . . . He so reminds me of Jim Carrey, with his facial expressions and the pure fun he’s having onstage. Come on, tell me he doesn’t look like Carrey!

Jim Carrey - Yes?

Hannon was on fire as usual, with his animalistic talent, blazing riffs, and driving passion for all things guitar, and let’s not forget Wheat pounding out bass and the guy hiding behind the drums keeping time for everyone. Yes, that would be the short haired guy with a really cool name ““ Luccketta.

Dave Rude and Brian Wheat - Click for more images


Keith dedicated “What You Give” to local 98 Rockradio personality Pat Martin. Thanking him for playing their music consistently throughout the years ““ and it’s been a lotta years.

They ended the concert with “Modern Day Cowboy” and “Little Suzi”, receiving a standing O at the end of a great night.

I wanted to get someone’s opinion of the concert, so as I was making my way to introduce myself to one of the concert goers by the name of Mike Hayes, I kept getting interrupted by people. I guess I had wandered into the area where sick people hangout.

Troy Luccketta - Click for more images

Apparently they had some type of prescription drug where you had to smoke the prescription. Actually I think it might have been some type of weed, because someone actually asked me if I wanted some. Yeah right! Like I want that shit in my garden, it’s hard enough to keep the weeds I have at bay, let alone introducing a whole new variety.

When I asked Hayes what he thought of the concert, his reply;

“It was cool dude.”

“’nuff said.

This was a fantastic start to what is going to be a truly great Summer Concert Series out at Thunder Valley Casino Resort. Especially since they have expanded the venue to include even more general admission seating, making for even funner events (I know ““ funner’s not a word – just let it go).

Thunder Valley Casino Resort's Outdoor Amphitheater


Go to for the full summer lineup.

Make sure you visit the Tesla’s Troops website, where for under twenty bucks a year you can watch videos as they bring the experience of being in the band right to your computer. They have backstage and green room footage giving you an exclusive look into the life of a rock-star. Plus you get awesome discounts off their merchandise!!

Shocking price ““ electrifying deal. Tee Cee – feel free to use the tagline :-)




Robin Gibb Dead at 62

Robin Gibb of the pop and disco group The Bee Gees, died Sunday in London.

Gibb’s family announced with great sadness that Robin passed away today following his long battle with cancer.

Gibb, whose vibrato was a hallmark of the group’s earliest songs like “I Started a Joke,” has been battling colon and liver cancer for over a year.

Gibb and his son R.J. recently completed work on Titanic Requiem, a piece for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Due to his illness, Gibb was unable to attend the premier on April 12th in London to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the British luxury liner.

His 65 year old brother Barry is the sole survivor of the group. Robin’s twin brother Maurice (born 35 minutes earlier) died in January 2003 during an operation to remove an intestinal blockage. He was 53.

Younger brother Andy Gibb ““ died in 1988 at age 30.



Van Halen – WTF?

The on again off again rockers that make up Van Halen seemed to be having some issues.

Just recently I wrote about Van Halen extending their tour and playing at Power Balance Pavilion in August ““ well scratch that. They have “postponed” 31 shows starting on June 26th. They currently have 14 more shows to play between now and then ““ if they can get along.

A spokeswoman for the group had no official statement about the postponements and declined further comment. The band began the current tour in mid-February.

While no reason was given for the abrupt postponements, Rolling Stone is quoting a source close to the band as saying, “”¦hate each other.” The same source adds. “The band is arguing like mad. They are fighting.”


How old are you guys!

Unless .  .  . there’s issues stemming from guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s health. In 2000, he began treatment for cancer in his tongue, but after later surgery, he was declared cancer-free in May 2002. This might be stretching it.

I think they just can’t play in the same sandbox together.


A Little Bit of Jazz and a Whole Lotta Funk

Maceo Parker - Click for more images

Maceo Parker and the tightest little funk orchestra on earth performed to a not so stellar crowd at Thunder Valley Casino Resort on Saturday.

Parker, best known for his work with James Brown in the 60’s, as well as with George Clinton and the Parliament-Funkadelic in the 70’s, has since come into his own and  has been touring under his own name since the 90’s.

Prior to Parker slapping down some funk, Fresno native Jeanette Harris took the audience on a magical ride of silky smooth jazz, with a bit of attitude. Starting off with her single “You Can Dance,” from her ingeniously titled album Saxified, Harris sounded more like a headliner than an opener.

Not disappointing, Harris continued the journey with a little bit of jazz and a dash of funk with “Down Wit’ It.” As she weaved her way through “All I Do” and “Take Me There,” I was beginning to wonder if Parker should have had someone else open for him. The band was flawless, including her brother Michael who was on the drums, Robin Bramlett (bass) and Aaron Thompson (keyboards).

Prior to Parker making it onto the stage, his manager introduced each of the members of the band while they played “Funky Fiesta!” Members included Will Boulware (keyboards), Rodney “Skeet” Curtis (bass), Bruno Speight (guitar), and Marcus Parker (drums).

Once Parker hit the stage it was obvious why he was headlining. This guy was bursting at the seams with funk, as his whole body was shaking to the beat, or maybe he just had to go. You know it happens to the best of us. (Ok already! It was a joke ““ back-off.)

Jeanette Harris - Click for more images

Parker kicked the set off with a very funkalicious version of “Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag,” providing the band a chance to show off their seamless and funky tones.

As Parker transitioned from one song to the next, the band kept up their funky beat. Most noteable was bass player Speight pounding out one bass note after another, adding to the musical tension between songs.

At one point Parker explained how a lot of people refer to his band as a jazz band. He led the audience through a brief jazz session with keyboardist Boulware as Parker played sax (It would have been a great opportunity to bring out Harris). Once he was satisfied everyone understood what jazz sounded like, he kicked it into funk mode with “Make it Funky,” complete with horns ““ gotta love them horns!

It was disappointing to see such a sparse crowd at Pano Hall while two very talented musicians kicked some serious butt. However, the crowd made up for it in energy and enthusiasm as they clapped and hooted throughout the evening.

Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s summer concert season kicks off Friday May 18th at 8:00 p.m. with Tesla. Check out there complete schedule at



Donna Summer dead at 63

Donna Summer


5-time Grammy winner Donna Summer died Thursday after battling cancer.

The legendary disco singer had dominated the charts in the 70’s and 80’s with songs like “Bad Girls,” “Hot Stuff,” “Last Dance,” and “She Works Hard for the Money.”

She is survived by her husband, singer and producer Bruce Sudano, their daughters, Brooklyn and Amanda and Summer’s daughter, Mimi, from a previous marriage.

Her family released a statement Thursday saying Summer died and that they “are at peace celebrating her extraordinary life and her continue legacy.”






Van Halen 2012 Tour

Van Halen recently released their first new album in fifteen years, Different Kind of Truth, with front man David Lee Roth.

Their initial single from the album “Tattoo“ was met with mixed reviews:

“Crappy un-imaginative song, Crappy un-imaginative video………..This sucks! I really was hoping to like what I heard but I’m pretty let down that this is the best they could come up with. Van Halen 4?”

“it’s almost immediately forgettable regardless of a solid Eddie Van Halen guitar solo, but it’s otherwise bathroom-break material for the upcoming tour.”

When they released their new album fans started to change their tune. While the album continues to get some mixed reviews, it continues to gain ground. As of this week Different Kind of Truth is #2 on the Mainstream Rock charts, second to Black Keys.

Some of the positive feedback:

“After a couple of months since this album came out, I can’t believe how incredible it really is.”

“This album has truley (sic) come at a time in which “Rock and Roll” was really dead! As a singer in a band, trying to find modern rock n roll that could actually be sang live was almost impossible! The over processed music today is just…fake, uninspiring and talentless. “A Different Kind of Truth” is a roll down the window and turn it up kind of album.”

Putting aside all the reviews, you can judge for yourself as Van Halen kicks off their Van Halen 2012 Tour starting this month.

The original dates skipped Sacramento entirely, but they will be coming through on a later leg of their tour on August 25th at Power Balance Pavilion.

Be there – then decide.

It’ll be a trip seeing David Lee Roth bouncing around the stage regardless!

Beastie Boys’ Adam “MCA” Yauch Dead at 47

Beastie BoysAdam “MCA” Yauch, a member of the groundbreaking New York rap trio Beastie Boys, has died at the age of 47.

In 2009 Yauch had surgery for a cancer in a salivary gland and a lymph node. Information on the cause of Yauch’s death wasn’t immediately available.

Yauch’s death comes less than a month after the Beastie Boys were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Yauch was not in attendance due to his fight with cancer, but Adam “ad-Rock” Horowitz along with Michael “Mike D” Diamond read a letter from Yauch to the audience.

“I’d like to dedicate this to my brothers Adam and Mike,” Yauch wrote, according to Rolling Stone. “They walked the globe with me. It’s also for anyone who has ever been touched by our band. This induction is as much ours as it is yours.”

Yauch’s cancer delayed the release of their most recent album, “Hot Sauce Committee Part II,” for two years. It was supposed to come out in 2009, but instead was released in spring 2011.

The Beastie Boys’ debut album, 1986’s Licensed to Ill featuring the singles “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party),” “No Sleep Till Brooklyn,” ” Paul Revere,” and “Brass Monkey” was the first rap album to reach No. 1 on the Billboard album charts.


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