Tesla Continues to Electrify!

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Tesla, not to be confused with Nikola the coil guy, kicked off Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s Summer Concert Series on Friday night, with an electrifying performance in front of a sold-out crowd of diehard Sacramento fans.

This was one hell of a show and Tesla’s third at Thunder Valley Casino, and still a sold out show.


Could it be because ever since they released their latest album, Twisted Wires, they’ve been on the road almost non-stop? Or could it be because Jeff Keith, the 53 year old lead singer’s voice is simply aging like a fine wine? Or maybe it’s because fellow band members Troy Luccketta (drums), Brian Wheat (bass), Frank Hannon (guitar), and Dave Rude (guitar), just get along and are having a great time together?

Pat Martin, Courtney Keith, and Joe Bob Keith

Whatever the reason, fans around the globe are thankful that Tesla is continuing to tour, bringing their long hair, attitude, and some kick-ass tunes.

Keith came out before the concert, much as he did last year with son Joe Bob. His daughter Courtney was also there to help bring Joe Bob backstage. However, this year Joe Bob was walking and trying to kick around a beach ball onstage, and Courtney’s becoming quite the young woman with a rock-star look.

After Courtney carried Joe Bob offstage Tesla opened with “Comin’ Atcha Live.” The crowd was on their feet, screaming and clapping before Keith uttered a note. There were even a few lighters being raised, rock-style, into the air.

They followed up with a couple of songs from their new Twisted Wires album “Edison’s Medicine” and “Into the Now,” as Keith gave a shout out to Nikola Tesla, the father of radio.

As the band started playing Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You,” Joe Bob was rolled out onto the stage with Keith kneeling down singing to his son. The whole time Joe Bob was fascinated with the microphone. It was a very touching moment between father and son, something many won’t soon forget, as it brought a number of audience members to tears. Keith said after the song;

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“Children are the most purest, precious, thing in this world.”

I have to agree with Keith, but let’s check back with him in a year, as Joe Bob goes through the terrible twos. I think he just might change his tune.

In true rocker form Keith was vibrating from one side of the stage to the other all night, even though his doctor advised him not too. He was performing with a torn rotator cuff – Ouch!



It was fun watching Hannon and Wheat play guitar together, and then trade off with the Jim Carrey of guitar Dave Rude. Yes, there I said it . . . He so reminds me of Jim Carrey, with his facial expressions and the pure fun he’s having onstage. Come on, tell me he doesn’t look like Carrey!

Jim Carrey - Yes?

Hannon was on fire as usual, with his animalistic talent, blazing riffs, and driving passion for all things guitar, and let’s not forget Wheat pounding out bass and the guy hiding behind the drums keeping time for everyone. Yes, that would be the short haired guy with a really cool name ““ Luccketta.

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Keith dedicated “What You Give” to local 98 Rockradio personality Pat Martin. Thanking him for playing their music consistently throughout the years ““ and it’s been a lotta years.

They ended the concert with “Modern Day Cowboy” and “Little Suzi”, receiving a standing O at the end of a great night.

I wanted to get someone’s opinion of the concert, so as I was making my way to introduce myself to one of the concert goers by the name of Mike Hayes, I kept getting interrupted by people. I guess I had wandered into the area where sick people hangout.

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Apparently they had some type of prescription drug where you had to smoke the prescription. Actually I think it might have been some type of weed, because someone actually asked me if I wanted some. Yeah right! Like I want that shit in my garden, it’s hard enough to keep the weeds I have at bay, let alone introducing a whole new variety.

When I asked Hayes what he thought of the concert, his reply;

“It was cool dude.”

“’nuff said.

This was a fantastic start to what is going to be a truly great Summer Concert Series out at Thunder Valley Casino Resort. Especially since they have expanded the venue to include even more general admission seating, making for even funner events (I know ““ funner’s not a word – just let it go).

Thunder Valley Casino Resort's Outdoor Amphitheater


Go to http://www.thundervalleycasino.com/entertainment for the full summer lineup.

Make sure you visit the Tesla’s Troops website, where for under twenty bucks a year you can watch videos as they bring the experience of being in the band right to your computer. They have backstage and green room footage giving you an exclusive look into the life of a rock-star. Plus you get awesome discounts off their merchandise!!

Shocking price ““ electrifying deal. Tee Cee – feel free to use the tagline :-)




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  • I was there…JK singing to his son was the most sweetest and awesome rock and roll moment I’ve ever seen. I will definitely never forget it. Tesla, you guys are simply top notch. I’ve been a fan since day one and will be for the rest of my life.

  • first thing i want to say is THANK YOU TESLA truly a great show and as the article above said jk voice is truly gettin better and sweeter .. TESLA has been one of my favs and will always be ..thanks for the article above .. mm

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