The biggest selling single record of all time is . . .


I’m thinking .  .  . I’m thinking .  .  .  Well it must be a Beatles or Elvis tune.


How about a Madonna song?


Lady Gaga!?


I know. It’s gotta be that Bieber kid. You know the one who’s wanted for questioning due to roughing up a photographer over the weekend.


The single was recorded 70 years ago today by a man named Harry Lillis Crosby, better known as Bing Crosby. What the hell did her record? Everybody’s favorite ““ “White Christmas”

I know, it brings a tear to my eye just writing this stuff.

Crosby’s rendition has sold over 50 million copies. Take into account all the other renditions of the song and it’s sold well over 100 million copies.

Source: The United States Census Bureau ““ Our friggin tax dollars hard at work. Protection Status



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