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A little bit of Country at Thunder Valley

Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins – Click for more images

Trace Adkins brought his Songs and Stories Tour to Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s outdoor amphitheater Friday night.

As Adkins made his way down center stage the sold out crowd went wild with cheers – There was some hootin and hollerin too, after all it was a country music concert.

Kicking it off with “Days Like This,” Adkins had the women eating out of the palm of his hand, maybe a few guys too. Driving that point home, as soon as he finished “Days Like This,” he stopped and said in his deepest, throatiest voice, “Good evening Thunder Valley, it’s nice to be here.” He said something after that, but I couldn’t hear a damn thing he was saying with all the women screaming.

I don’t get it! Here’s some guy who’s tall in a rugged way, long flowing hair, muscular, has a deep voice, and comes across as a tough, but nice guy. So why do all the women simply love this guy? Oh well.

Trace Adkins

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He started by welcoming everyone to his Songs and Stories Tour and letting them know he wasn’t beginning the concert in his usual manner saying, “This show is a little different from what we usually do, where we come out and put a boot in your ass right off the get go. You will leave with a boot in your ass, but I aint going to do it yet.”

Adkins continued to play songs from his latest album Proud to Be Here, including “Poor Folks,” “Love Buzz,” and “It’s Who You Know.”

Prior to starting “Semper Fi,” he wanted everyone to know that this was his “pathetic” attempt at writing a song about the marines, in particular a friend of his. After hearing the song, I’d say it was well written and definitely not a pathetic attempt – Is his manly charm rubbing off on me? Did I scream during that song? Oh crap! I think I need to go to an MMA fight!!

After singing one of his number one hits, “(This Ain’t No) Thinkin’ Thing,” Adkins and the crew took a break for about 15 minutes, which was a good thing, since it appears many of the concert goers were parched ““ they all headed to the bars!

Continuing after the break with “Ladies Love Country Boys,” “Chrome,” and “This Aint No Love Song,” much of the crowd continued to mingle with each other and cheering at just the right parts.

The boot in the ass came when Adkins started singing “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” with the crowd going completely crazy. Apparently they were waiting for a boot in the ass all night and finally got it.  And for those of you out there as clueless as me, Websters defines badonkadonk as a well shaped female buttocks.

Adkin’s ended the show with “Ride,” which was a letdown coming off the heels of “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.” It would have made for a more climactic ending.

Adkins sounded great and put on a great show. I’m sure he now has another fan or two smitten over him.

Next week Foreigner comes to Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s Summer Concert Series, followed by Steve Miller the following week!

See you there! Protection Status

pigFactory signs Tesla for International Publishing

Tesla the Band

Tesla – Click for more images

Independent music publishing company pigFACTORY Music, whose roster includes recordings and songs performed by artists such as Jordin Sparks, Demi Lovato, Fatboy Slim, Iggy Pop, and Meatloaf, has just signed iconic 80s rock band Tesla to an international publishing administration and synch representation deal. The announcement was made today by Keatly Haldeman, CEO, pigFACTORY Music.

The new deal allows pigFACTORY to exclusively administer the publishing for all songs that Tesla has written and license for synchronization all of Tesla’s songs and later recordings.

Said Haldeman, “We’re honored that Tesla has chosen pigFACTORY to represent their music. Tesla continues to put out great songs and relentlessly tours for its loyal fan base. We are excited to expose Tesla’s new music to the TV/film/advertising community and to shine a spotlight on their hits such as “Love Song.”

For those of you who may not know what a synchronization license is, it allows a film, video or television producer to contract with a songwriter or the songwriter’s publisher to use a song in a film, video, music video, television program, or television advertisement. PigFACTORY will be administering this license on an international basis.

About PigFACTORY Music Publishing:
pigFACTORY Music Publishing specializes in the international placement of music in film, television, film trailers, advertising, and videogames, and in the collection of publishing royalties, worldwide. To that end, the company leverages an advanced digital publishing system to proactively exploit its clients’ music catalogues and track music publishing royalties on a global scale. The company represents top songwriters, artists, record producers, labels, and publishers, with a roster of over 250,000 songs, including an extensive selection of classic hits.

pigFACTORY is one of the only highly proactive independent publishers in the international marketplace to affiliate directly with a large number of royalty societies throughout the world. Via its direct memberships and partnerships, and by using state-of-the-art royalty software, pigFACTORY quickly and accurately registers its clients’ song catalogues with the publishing rights societies, and collects ‘at source’ in most major international territories.

The U.S. headquarters of pigFACTORY is 8075 W. Third Street, Suite # 540, Los Angeles, CA, 90048. The phone is 323/653-1200, and the website is

Tesla is an American hard rock band formed in Sacramento, CA, in 1984. They have sold 14 million albums in the United States. The band originally formed as City Kidd, and was renamed Tesla during the recording of their first album, 1986’s “Mechanical Resonance.” The band derived their name, certain album and song titles, and some song content from events relating to inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. The band’s original lineup consisted of lead vocalist Jeff Keith, guitarists Frank Hannon and Tommy Skeoch, bassist Brian Wheat, and drummer Troy Luccketta.

Tesla’s music is often referred to as hard rock. The band’s lyrics also strayed from the themes popular in hard rock, particularly in the 1980s at the beginning of their career. A further distinction from their contemporaries was their T-shirt-and-jeans image which was in strong contrast to glam metal bands of the time, which were characterized by big hair, leather pants, and flashy makeup. Also in the early days of their career, Tesla toured with David Lee Roth, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, and Poison, which incorrectly resulted in the band being categorized as a Glam metal band.

It was three years before the band released their second album, “The Great Radio Controversy.” The album helped solidify the band’s growing reputation and fan base, and produced the hit single, a classic ’80s power ballad “Love Song”. In 1990, Tesla released “Five Man Acoustical Jam,” a live album featuring acoustic renditions of hits such as “Comin’ Atcha Live”, “Gettin’ Better”, “Modern Day Cowboy”, and “Love Song”. The album also featured a number of covers most notably a version of “Signs,” a 1971 hit by the Five Man Electrical Band.

In 1991, Tesla released their third studio album “Psychotic Supper.” The band itself considers this to be their best album. The 1998 Japanese reissue import of Psychotic Supper contains three previously unreleased songs, including “Rock the Nation”, “I Ain’t Superstitious”, and “Run Run Run.” In 1994, the band released their fourth studio album “Bust a Nut.” After the release of “Bust a Nut,” Skeoch departed because of his struggle with substance abuse, and the band moved forward as a four piece for a short while. In l994, the band members parted ways.

After a break of six years, The Sacramento Bee reported that Tesla had reformed in 2000 with the help of local radio personality Pat Martin of KRXQ. The band played an emotional sold out show at Arco Arena in Sacramento on October 25, 2000, and soon thereafter recorded the double live album “Replugged Live.” In 2002, they were featured in the Rock Never Stops Tour alongside other 1980s rock bands, and 2002 saw the release of another live album “Standing Room Only.”

The band released “Into The Now” in 2004, followed by “Reel to Reel I & II” in 2006 on their own label Tesla Electric Recording Company. In between those albums, Dave Rude joined the band to replace outgoing member Tommy Skeoch and “Forever More” was released in 2008.

In 2009, Tesla was among the performers on the cruise ship “ShipRocked;” in 2010, the band’s studio burned to the ground, and in 2011, Tesla played at a rally for the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association. Tesla also released an acoustic album, “Twisted Wires and the Acoustic Sessions,” during 2011.

Tesla is currently on an arena tour with Scorpions playing for thousands of screaming fans all over the USA.

Bret Michaels Slaughtered by Night Ranger

Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels – Click for more images

Okay, maybe not Slaughtered.

It was an epic night Friday at Thunder Valley Casino Resort with Bret Michaels (Poison), Slaughter and Night Ranger providing over 4 hours of high energy entertainment.

While Bret Michaels was billed as the headliner, I do believe Night Ranger ruled the night with their intense, but fun loving, stage presence ““ more on that in a minute.

It was great to have the likes of Bret Michaels of Poison and Night Ranger’s guitarist Joel Hoekstra at Thunder Valley Casino the day after the new movie Rock of Ages premiered at theaters across the country. Music from Poison is featured in the movie and Hoekstra makes a cameo appearance. Hoekstra also stars in the Broadway hit Rock of Ages.

As over 4,000 fans filed into Thunder Valley Casino’s outdoor amphitheater, Slaughter took the stage kicking off this 4 hour extravaganza of hair flipping and high energy entertainment, with their hit song “Wildlife.”

As only true diehard fans can do in close to 100 degree weather, they rose up from the clutches of their nicely cushioned seats (ok, the bleachers ““ not so cushioned) to rock with the likes of Mark Slaughter (lead singer/guitar), Dana Strum (bass ““ makes sense with a name like Strum), Zoltan Chaney (drums), and Jeff “‘Blando’ Bland (lead guitar).

Slaughter – Click for more images

Within minutes into their set, the Slaughter crew were drenched in sweat and appeared to be totally into nothing but rocking and entertaining the crowd. Blando was the most energetic of the foursome, whipping his hair like it was 1999 and acting like he was still twenty-something.

The most violent award goes to drummer Chaney, who thrashed his drums to the point of having to pull out a wrench to fix one of his cymbals. The man was an animal!

While the entire crowd wasn’t on their feet during Slaughters performance, you could see them nodding their heads, pumping their fists, and just plain rocking out.

In between sets actor, stuntman, producer, director, and all around nice guy, Branscombe Richmond came out to joke around with the crowd and throw t-shirts at unsuspecting audience members.

Night Ranger

Night Ranger – Click for more images

As Night Ranger stormed the stage it was complete bedlam on stage and off, with Hoekstra immediately flipping his blonde locs of hair while ripping away at his guitar, while off stage the entire audience jumped to their feet.

Starting their set with “Lay it on Me,” founding members Jack Blades (bass) and Brad Gillis (guitar), along with Hoekstra were going back and forth playing off of each other. Hoekstra and Gillis were the most animated of the three, as they were making faces at each other and constantly engaging the audience.

Drummer and founding member Kelly Keagy joined in the fun too, as Hoekstra, Gillis, and Blades all would work their way to Keagy.

As they played through hits like “Sing Me Away,” “Touch of Madness,” “Hearts Away,” and of course “Sister Christian,” they continued to interact with the crowd and each other. Hoekstra had a grin on his face almost the entire set, as did Blades and Gillis.

Jack Blades

Jack Blades – Click for more images

Blades announced to the crowd that Gillis was celebrating his 55th birthday as he ribbed Gillis most of the night.

Night Ranger sounds just like they did years ago and they’ve maintained their high level of energy throughout the years. The addition of Hoekstra has added another, more theatrical, dynamic to their performances.

Prior to Michaels making his way on stage Richmond reminded everyone about Michaels ongoing battle with diabetes and how important it was to take care of yourself and get checkups on a regular basis.

It was a strange start as someone from Michael’s team came out and made some announcements regarding merchandise (nothing new here), but then after he yelled;

“The Party Starts Now!”

The audience ended up waiting for another 10 minutes before Michaels made it out on stage.

Sounding a bit off with Poison’s hit “Talk Dirty With Me,” Michaels had the crowd eating out of his hand. Wearing his signature bandana and long hair (come on! It’s gotta be a wig.) Michaels worked the audience like a true entertainer.

Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels – Click for more images

Thanking the audience for making the VH1 reality show “Rock of Love” the number 1 show on VH1 3 years running, Michaels started in with the theme song for the show, “Go That Far.”

Sounding much better after a few songs Michaels continued with a number of cover songs including Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama,” Loggins and Messina’s “Your Mamma Don’t Dance,” and  Kiss’ “Rock and Roll All Nite,” just to name a few.

He peppered in some Poison songs such as “Something to Believe in,” “Unskinny Bop,” and “Look What the Cat Dragged in”

While Michaels wasn’t Slaughtered by Night Ranger, I place him at a close second due to the number Poison hits he left on the shelf. Talking to a number of people after the show, they all agreed that Night Ranger won the night. However, all were in complete agreement that Michaels put on a high energy and entertaining show – so no, he wasn’t Slaughtered.


Coming to Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s Summer Concert Series on June 29th is Trace Adkins and June 30th is Gabriel Iglesias. Read all about Fluffy’s last visit to Thunder Valley Casino.

Mahalo Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Henry Kapono

Henry Kapono – Click for more images

Thunder Valley Casino Resort‘s Pano Hall was transformed into its very own Hawaiian island Saturday as Henry Kapono with guests Robi Kahakalau (aka Sistah/Sister Robi) and Jeff Rasmussen performed to a packed island.

First off were Sister Robi and Jeff Rasmussen singing a couple of Robi’s past hits. Her sound is a mix of Hawaiian and reggae, with a touch of jazz. It was obvious there was a large contingent of Robi fans in the audience as they cheered at the beginning of each song.

The standout song from their set was Fleetwood Mac’s “Leather and Lace,” with Rasmussen stealing the show. As Robi sang the first part beautifully, Rasmussen kicked it up a notch when he jumped in for the chorus. His voice was superb earning him a round of applause as soon as he started singing the chorus.

During a brief set change emcee for the evening, actor, and musician Branscombe Richmond chatted up the audience, while throwing out signed t-shirts, CD’s and other items to the audience.

Branscombe Richmond

Branscombe Richmond

Robi Kahakalau

Jeff Rasmussen and Sister Robi – Click for more images

Richmond was quite the comedian as he engaged various audience members, asking them what high school they graduated from. He made a request a couple of times for someone to come up and sing, which several people gladly did ““ and shouldn’t have. He definitely left the crowd wanting more.

Prior to Kapono taking the stage the band began playing his upbeat “Take Me to the Islands,” starting with an impressive bongo solo. As he made his way to center stage the crowd erupted into cheers, as he started strumming his guitar.

Right from the start you could hear shades of Bob Marley, John Lennon and Bob Dylan as he continued with “We are Friends” and “Kuu Home O Kahaluu .”

Henry Kapono

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Kapono put on a great show, with Sister Robi joining in to assist. He has a great sound and while you can hear the Hawaiian influence in his music, his music is more than that. He adds just the right mix of jazz, blues, and folk, as he mesmerizes the listener.

If you haven’t had a chance to take in an Hawaiian show you’ll have another chance in October as Melveen Leed and Nohelani Cypriano with Waipuna and Bolo will be appearing at Thunder Valley Casino Resort.

Dyno-Mite Blast Takes Thunder Valley Old School

Jimmy JJ Walker - Click for more images

I was heading out to the Super 70’s Soul Jam out at Thunder Valley Casino and Resort Friday night, so I dawned my rose colored glasses, bell bottoms and platform shoes. Luckily I packed a Big Hunk, Bottle Caps and Screaming Yellow Zongers before leaving. I knew I’d get the munchies since I’m such a burn out and can’t leave home without a joint or three (hey I have a prescription). I was just hoping I could maintain with all that groovy music playing. The last thing I needed was for some narc to rat me out. As for the concert it was far out man and I should add Dyno-mite!

Right on. Not everyone can be as hip as the hipsters from the 70’s, but Friday everyone was hip and just hanging out with the likes of The Emotions, The Chi-Lites, The Stylistics, The Temptations, and the MC for the evening Jimmy JJ Walker.

To start the night off Jimmy JJ Walker took the stage. Most people remember Walker from his role on Good Times as James Evans Junior, or JJ. In fact, Walker coined the term dyno-mite which became slang for great or fantastic.

The Emotions

The Emotions

Walker provided a bit of comic relief in between sets. At one point he was joking around about the price of gas, saying that he pulled into a full service gas station and the attendant asked him if he wanted him to fill it up, to which Walker responded – No, just give me $200 worth – Ba-da-bing.

First up were the The Emotions singing hits like “Best of My Love,” “Don’t Ask My Neighbors,” and “Boogie Wonderland.” Founding members and sisters Pamela Hutchinson and Wanda Vaughn were joined by Wanda’s daughter Wyann Vaughn.

Wyann did a great job filling in for her aunt and founding member Sheila Hutchinson, who was unable to make the concert. The trio did a fantastic job, sounded great, and were styling in their matching black and white dresses.

The Chi-Lites

The Chi-Lites - Click for more images


Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, The Chi-Lites, slowly made their way onto the stage as one by one they came out to the tune of “Have You Seen Her.” Decked out in bright yellow suits they sang a number of hits including “Have You Seen Her” and “Oh Girl.” Joining founding member Marshall Thompson were Frank Reed, Fred Simon, and Thompson’s wife Tara Thompson.

Marshall is in the R&B Hall of Fame and the Vocal Group Hall of Fame and has been performing for over 52 years.

Up next were The Stylistics with original band members Herbert Murrell and Airrioin Love. They were joined by Eban Brown and Jason Sharp. Performing their hits including “Betcha by Golly Wow,” “I’m Stone in Love with You,” and “Break Up To Make Up,” the group stayed in perfect synch with each other as they danced throughout their set.

The Stylistics

The Stylistics - Click for more images


Headlining the evening was The Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards. Edwards was lead singer for the original Temptations for a number of years, replacing David Ruffin.

Joining Edwards were Paul Williams Jr., David Sea, Mike Patillo, and Chris Arnold. Paul Williams Jr. is the son of original Temptation Paul Williams.

Dressed in matching suits the group sang hit after hit including “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me),” “Papa was a Rolling Stone,” and “My Girl.”

It only took a couple of notes at the beginning of each song for the audience to start cheering as they recognized the tune. Dancing in the aisles, as well as at their seats, people were enjoying a trip down memory lane, with most people singing along.

The Temptations Review

The Temptations Review


It was a fantastic night of some good old fashion soul music and a little bit of humor thrown in to boot.

The Summer Concert Series out at Thunder Valley Casino Resort continues to heat up with Bret Michaels, Night Ranger, and Slaughter appearing next Friday June 15th.

Hanep sa WOW! Filipino Music Festival

Jae Buensuceso

Jae Buensuceso – click for more images

Saturday was quite the lineup at Thunder Valley Casino Resort with a Filipino Festival loaded with talent, and to end the evening, a good ole fashion boxing match between Filipino Manny Pacquiao and American Timothy Bradley.

Who knew that people would be talking about Pacquiao vs. Bradley  long after the fight. And what was up with all that wind!?

Jae Buensuceso, a Pinoy Pop Superstar finalist, started the show as the winds pounded the stage. She did a valiant job, as did all the performers coming out on stage, as she tried to keep it together.

Band members didn’t fare so well. Stagehands could be seen running for sheet music as the wind whipped the sheets from their music stands. After they completed a piece they would wad them into a ball and toss them.

Music and Magic

Music and Magic – Click for more images

Music & Magic with Fe Delos Reyes, Eva Caparas, and Jet Montelibano provided some comic relief with a little music, as they bantered back and forth with each other.

Legaci, a Filipino R&B group out of the bay area, was up next and really kicked it into gear. These kids have some major talent and people have taken notice. Legaci just finished touring with Justin Bieber in his My World Tour, providing backup vocals. Bieber also provided them a spot in the setlist giving them some alone time with the audience ““ How cool is that.


Legaci – Click for more images

Lani Misalucha, the “‘New Siren of the Strip,’ as in the Las Vegas strip was up next. Having long hair Misalucha was in a constant battle with the winds as her hair whipped about her face.

Misalucha started performing on the Las Vegas strip in 2004. She can now be seen at the Waikiki Hilton Hotel in Hawaii performing in Return to Paradise.

Piolo Pascual

Piolo Pascual – Click for more images

Piolo Pascual came out on stage as hundreds of ladies crowded the stage. Obviously a Filipino heart throb, Pascual had the ladies screaming his entire set. I can’t recall what he sounded like ““ come to think of it, I don’t think I heard a thing. There was too much screaming!


The Pop Diva of the Philippines, Kuh Ledesma, headlined the show. While Ledesma may not have had hundreds of women screaming, she definitely had a large contingent of fans in the audience.

After the show the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight went the full 12 rounds with a controversial split decision, in favor of Bradley. The World Boxing Organization (WBO) got into the fight too. Weighing in on the decision, the WBO sided with Pacquiao, but say they cannot overturn the results. Instead, they can force the two to fight a rematch, whether or not they want to.


That was One Sorry Concert at PBP!

LMFAO - Click for more images

Matthew Koma - Click for more images

LMFAO brought their Sorry for Party Rocking Tour to Power Balance Pavilion on Wednesday, playing to 7,000 adoring fans, most dressed in neon green and yellow, with some donning an afro wig (shoot – can I say afro?).

Before LMFAO came out to party rock, there were several starters on tap. Leading off the charge was Matthew Koma, who didn’t do it for me. Let’s just say by the time he was done, I was in a coma (that’s a joke. I really wasn’t in a coma). Apparently he’s an American Idol fan, as he add some Phil Phillip type mannerisms during parts of  his performance.

Eva Simons - Click for more images

Up to bat next was the very sexy Eva Simons who kicked some major butt. The Rhianna look-alike was energetic, sounded great, and looked even better! She sang several songs including her hit “Take Over Control” and her latest release “I Don’t Like You.” Expect to see bigger and better thing for Simons.

DJ Sidney Sampson brought his mixing skills as he weaved some great dance beats together, bringing much of the audience to their feet.

FM - Click for more images

If anyone’s seen Far East Movement (aka FM) before, you’ll understand what I mean when I say, they jumped up on stage. This crew has some wicked high energy and some real catchy tunes such as “Like a G6″ and “Round Round.”

With DJ Virman providing much of the tunes and Kev Nish providing lead vocals, FM energized the crowd in preparation for LMFAO as they bounce, hopped, skipped, and jumped on every inch of the stage. This included J-Splif and Prohgress who provided backup vocals and some entertaining moves.

In preparation for LMFAO’s appearance, several young ladies came out and threw flashing styrofoam glow-sticks to the audience. As I sat back and watched the audience you could see a sea of lime green as fans prepared themselves to party rock.

RedFoo - Click for more images


Prior to LMFAO making their appearance, a man dressed in the wildest glowing outfit sang  “Rocking the Beat” as the Quest dance crew did their thing. Berry Gordy’s son RedFoo and grandson SkyBlu (RedFoo is SkyBlu’s uncle) arrived on stage during “Rock the Beat” at the top of a two tiered stage, making for quite an entrance.

Dressed in their signature attire they started with “Sorry For Party Rocking” right out of the chute, causing the crowd to go absolutely crazy. As they were flying around the stage several members of their crew started throwing out beach balls, inflatable zebra’s, and palm trees.

There were several costume changes throughout the show, most notable was during “Put That A$$ to Work,” when several members of the crew came out in the most outrageous workout clothes imaginable. And yes, they were neon, bright, and way too revealing.

If you don’t like their music, don’t let that stop you from going to see a live performance. These two know how-to keep an audience totally engaged and completely entertained. It’s nothing but pure fun with a whole lotta neon – let’s not forget about the inflatable toys.





Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Bob Welch Found Dead

Bob-WelchFormer Fleetwood Mac guitarist, Bob Welch, died Thursday at his Nashville home of an apparent suicide, according to Police. He was 66.

According to Nashville’s ABC affiliate, Welch’s wife found the musician shortly after noon, with a gunshot wound to the chest at their home in Antioch, Tennessee

Police have indicated there was a suicide note left by Welch. According to Police Spokesman Don Aaron, Welch had a history of health problems, but would not elaborate.

Welch joined the British based Fleetwood Mac in 1971 after Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer left the group. He provided vocals and guitar on five albums including Future Games and Bare Trees. Some have attributed him for helping the band fuse blues and pop-rock, leading the way for Stevie Nicks.

Welch wrote the song “Hypnotized,” which was included on their 1973 album Mystery to Me. He took over lead guitar after Danny Kirwan departed In 1973.  and the band released the last album Welch would contribute to Heroes Are Hard to Find. He left the band shortly after the release and soon after Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the group.

In 1998 Fleetwood Mac was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Welch was not include in the band.

Welch did better on his own as a solo artist reaching platinum for his 1977 album French Kiss.

Bad Moon Rising Over Thunder Valley Casino

Creedence Clearwater Revisited

Creedence Clearwater Revisited - Click for more imags

With the recent annular eclipse of the sun, the lunar eclipse of the moon, and mercury working its way into yet another retrograde (just to mess things up),  it’s only fitting that Creedence Clearwater Revisited (CCR) performed their hit song “Bad Moon Rising,” at Thunder Valley Casino Resort on Saturday night.

Local radio personality Kat Maudru, with FM 96.9 the Eagle, introduced the band after she went through the long list of concerts coming to Thunder Valley (see below).

Kat Madru with 96.9 the Eagle

Storming the stage armed with their instruments and a long list of hits, CCR kicked the evening off with “Born on the Bayou” and “Green River,” as 4,500 screaming fans joined in.

Leading into their third song, original member, Stu Cook gave a shout out to Lodi, letting everyone know the town was still special to them after all these years. Then they started playing ““ you guessed it – “Lodi.”

In between songs Cook introduced the band members, singling out original band member, 67 year old, Doug “‘Cosmo’ Clifford, who he’s been performing with for 50 years.  Cosmo jumped up behind his drum set and ran around the stage, looking like quite the athlete, as he made his way center stage with Cook.

Cosmo - Click for more images

Cosmo talked about how they met back in El Cerrito High 54 years ago. As he was wrapping up he added;

“There are billions of dreams to choose from, so if you’re a dreamer you know what I mean. If you’re not it’d be a good idea to start looking because dreams are about hope and hope is a good thing to have.”


As the band continued playing hits like “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” and “Midnight Special,” I could hear audience members all around singing the lyrics. It didn’t matter where they were ““ standing in line for drinks, dancing in the aisle, even in the bathrooms (yes that was me).

The Original group, Creedence Clearwater Revival, had their hay day during the late 60’s and early 70’s with original band members John Fogerty (lead singer/guitar), Tom Fogerty (rhythm guitar), Stu Cook (bass), and Doug “‘Cosmo’ Clifford (drums). The band broke up in 1972 with each of the band members going their separate ways. In 1990 Tom Fogerty passed away.

Stu Cook - Click for more images

Surviving band members Cook and Cosmo got back together in 1995 to form Creedence Clearwater Revisited with new members Kurt Griffey (lead guitar), Steve “The Capitan” Gunner (guitar/keyboard/harmonica), and John “Bulldog” Tristao (lead singer). CCR now plays up to 100 concerts a year.

I have to admit I was reluctant to attend a CCR concert due to the lack of John Fogerty and his unique vocals, but the similarities between Tristao and John Fogerty’s voice is enough to give you the goosies – Yes I said goosies. However, it was strange listening to Fogerty’s voice come out of this huge tattooed biker dude. Regardless, it was simply an amazing show.

John 'Bulldog' Tristao

Griffey spent the majority of his time center stage pounding out flawless riffs lending to the original sounds of CCR.

If you haven’t been to a concert at Thunder Valley Casino’s Summer Concert Series, you should seriously consider it. They have a new and improved layout with great seating no matter where you sit, bars, and great entertainment on tap ““ and some beer.



Thunder Valley Casino’s Summer Concert lineup:

Super 70″²s Soul Jam Friday, June 8 ““ 7:00 pm
Filipino Entertainment Festival Saturday, June 9 ““ 5:00 pm
Brett Michaels w/Night Ranger and Slaughter Friday, June 15 ““ 7:00 pm
Trace Adkins Friday, June 29 ““ 7:30 pm
Gabriel Iglesias (aka Fluffy) Saturday, June 30 ““ 8:00 pm
Foreigner Friday, July 6 ““ 8:00 pm
Steve Miller Band Friday, July 13 ““ 8:00 pm
Earth Wind and Fire Saturday, July 14 ““ 8:00 pm
Creed Friday, August 3 ““ 7:30
Jeff Dunham (aka Jeff fa fa Dun Ham) Saturday, August 4 ““ 8:00 pm
Smokey Robinson Saturday, August 11 ““ 8:00 pm
ZZ Top Friday, August 17 ““ 8:00 pm
Diana Krall Saturday, Aug. 18 ““ 8:00 pm
REO Speedwagon  Saturday August 25 ““ 8:00 pm
Styx  Thursday, September 6 ““ 8:00 pm
Ramon Ayala Saturday, September 15 ““ 8:00 pm


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