Hanep sa WOW! Filipino Music Festival

Jae Buensuceso

Jae Buensuceso – click for more images

Saturday was quite the lineup at Thunder Valley Casino Resort with a Filipino Festival loaded with talent, and to end the evening, a good ole fashion boxing match between Filipino Manny Pacquiao and American Timothy Bradley.

Who knew that people would be talking about Pacquiao vs. Bradley  long after the fight. And what was up with all that wind!?

Jae Buensuceso, a Pinoy Pop Superstar finalist, started the show as the winds pounded the stage. She did a valiant job, as did all the performers coming out on stage, as she tried to keep it together.

Band members didn’t fare so well. Stagehands could be seen running for sheet music as the wind whipped the sheets from their music stands. After they completed a piece they would wad them into a ball and toss them.

Music and Magic

Music and Magic – Click for more images

Music & Magic with Fe Delos Reyes, Eva Caparas, and Jet Montelibano provided some comic relief with a little music, as they bantered back and forth with each other.

Legaci, a Filipino R&B group out of the bay area, was up next and really kicked it into gear. These kids have some major talent and people have taken notice. Legaci just finished touring with Justin Bieber in his My World Tour, providing backup vocals. Bieber also provided them a spot in the setlist giving them some alone time with the audience ““ How cool is that.


Legaci – Click for more images

Lani Misalucha, the “‘New Siren of the Strip,’ as in the Las Vegas strip was up next. Having long hair Misalucha was in a constant battle with the winds as her hair whipped about her face.

Misalucha started performing on the Las Vegas strip in 2004. She can now be seen at the Waikiki Hilton Hotel in Hawaii performing in Return to Paradise.

Piolo Pascual

Piolo Pascual – Click for more images

Piolo Pascual came out on stage as hundreds of ladies crowded the stage. Obviously a Filipino heart throb, Pascual had the ladies screaming his entire set. I can’t recall what he sounded like ““ come to think of it, I don’t think I heard a thing. There was too much screaming!


The Pop Diva of the Philippines, Kuh Ledesma, headlined the show. While Ledesma may not have had hundreds of women screaming, she definitely had a large contingent of fans in the audience.

After the show the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight went the full 12 rounds with a controversial split decision, in favor of Bradley. The World Boxing Organization (WBO) got into the fight too. Weighing in on the decision, the WBO sided with Pacquiao, but say they cannot overturn the results. Instead, they can force the two to fight a rematch, whether or not they want to.


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