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Henry Kapono

Henry Kapono – Click for more images

Thunder Valley Casino Resort‘s Pano Hall was transformed into its very own Hawaiian island Saturday as Henry Kapono with guests Robi Kahakalau (aka Sistah/Sister Robi) and Jeff Rasmussen performed to a packed island.

First off were Sister Robi and Jeff Rasmussen singing a couple of Robi’s past hits. Her sound is a mix of Hawaiian and reggae, with a touch of jazz. It was obvious there was a large contingent of Robi fans in the audience as they cheered at the beginning of each song.

The standout song from their set was Fleetwood Mac’s “Leather and Lace,” with Rasmussen stealing the show. As Robi sang the first part beautifully, Rasmussen kicked it up a notch when he jumped in for the chorus. His voice was superb earning him a round of applause as soon as he started singing the chorus.

During a brief set change emcee for the evening, actor, and musician Branscombe Richmond chatted up the audience, while throwing out signed t-shirts, CD’s and other items to the audience.

Branscombe Richmond

Branscombe Richmond

Robi Kahakalau

Jeff Rasmussen and Sister Robi – Click for more images

Richmond was quite the comedian as he engaged various audience members, asking them what high school they graduated from. He made a request a couple of times for someone to come up and sing, which several people gladly did ““ and shouldn’t have. He definitely left the crowd wanting more.

Prior to Kapono taking the stage the band began playing his upbeat “Take Me to the Islands,” starting with an impressive bongo solo. As he made his way to center stage the crowd erupted into cheers, as he started strumming his guitar.

Right from the start you could hear shades of Bob Marley, John Lennon and Bob Dylan as he continued with “We are Friends” and “Kuu Home O Kahaluu .”

Henry Kapono

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Kapono put on a great show, with Sister Robi joining in to assist. He has a great sound and while you can hear the Hawaiian influence in his music, his music is more than that. He adds just the right mix of jazz, blues, and folk, as he mesmerizes the listener.

If you haven’t had a chance to take in an Hawaiian show you’ll have another chance in October as Melveen Leed and Nohelani Cypriano with Waipuna and Bolo will be appearing at Thunder Valley Casino Resort. Protection Status



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