A little bit of Country at Thunder Valley

Trace Adkins

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Trace Adkins brought his Songs and Stories Tour to Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s outdoor amphitheater Friday night.

As Adkins made his way down center stage the sold out crowd went wild with cheers – There was some hootin and hollerin too, after all it was a country music concert.

Kicking it off with “Days Like This,” Adkins had the women eating out of the palm of his hand, maybe a few guys too. Driving that point home, as soon as he finished “Days Like This,” he stopped and said in his deepest, throatiest voice, “Good evening Thunder Valley, it’s nice to be here.” He said something after that, but I couldn’t hear a damn thing he was saying with all the women screaming.

I don’t get it! Here’s some guy who’s tall in a rugged way, long flowing hair, muscular, has a deep voice, and comes across as a tough, but nice guy. So why do all the women simply love this guy? Oh well.

Trace Adkins

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He started by welcoming everyone to his Songs and Stories Tour and letting them know he wasn’t beginning the concert in his usual manner saying, “This show is a little different from what we usually do, where we come out and put a boot in your ass right off the get go. You will leave with a boot in your ass, but I aint going to do it yet.”

Adkins continued to play songs from his latest album Proud to Be Here, including “Poor Folks,” “Love Buzz,” and “It’s Who You Know.”

Prior to starting “Semper Fi,” he wanted everyone to know that this was his “pathetic” attempt at writing a song about the marines, in particular a friend of his. After hearing the song, I’d say it was well written and definitely not a pathetic attempt – Is his manly charm rubbing off on me? Did I scream during that song? Oh crap! I think I need to go to an MMA fight!!

After singing one of his number one hits, “(This Ain’t No) Thinkin’ Thing,” Adkins and the crew took a break for about 15 minutes, which was a good thing, since it appears many of the concert goers were parched ““ they all headed to the bars!

Continuing after the break with “Ladies Love Country Boys,” “Chrome,” and “This Aint No Love Song,” much of the crowd continued to mingle with each other and cheering at just the right parts.

The boot in the ass came when Adkins started singing “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” with the crowd going completely crazy. Apparently they were waiting for a boot in the ass all night and finally got it.  And for those of you out there as clueless as me, Websters defines badonkadonk as a well shaped female buttocks.

Adkin’s ended the show with “Ride,” which was a letdown coming off the heels of “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.” It would have made for a more climactic ending.

Adkins sounded great and put on a great show. I’m sure he now has another fan or two smitten over him.

Next week Foreigner comes to Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s Summer Concert Series, followed by Steve Miller the following week!

See you there!


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  • I wanted to say that as always TRACE ADKINS puts on a good show. I am glad the Wolf 101.9 radio station allowed me the opportunity to go to this. I feel privlidged to have gotten to go, I am a single mom raising three sons and a 4 year old granddaughter. I dont get to do anywhere or do anything. THIS WAS A TREAT!! thanks Trace for a Great show!

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