The End for Power Balance Pavilion

(LR) Jason, Gavin, and Katie from The End’s morning show

For all you Sacramentans out there ““ Made you look!

107.9 The End held their annual EndFest at Power Balance Pavilion Friday night with Headliner and Disney alum Demi Lovato, American Idol runner up Adam Lambert, Owl City, and singing duo Karmin.

Karmin with Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan were slightly delayed due to an interview on the east coast for ABC’s Good Morning America. Flying from New York to San Francisco, then driving to Sacramento on a Friday afternoon wasn’t the best of ideas, but luckily, for everyone involved, it all worked out.

True to form the kind folks from The End were selecting a number of lucky fans to come up and sit onstage during the performers set. In attendance from 107.9 The End were the Wake Up Call’s own Katie, Jason, and Gavin, along with Dan Mason, Ashley Nickels, and the very entertaining, very talented, and all around nice guy Chris K. (we’re Facebook friends so were like really close, right Chris? ““ Chris? He must not have time to read this, after all he is a very busy man).


Karmin – Click for more images

As Karmin kicked off their set with “Crash Your Party,” the audience erupted into screams as the mostly young female audience let loose some blood-curdling screams.

Karmin is a site to see as lead singer Heidemann came out with her pin-up girl looks, and pop-star attitude, sporting one hell of a hairdo. As she started belting out her Katy Perry sound, coupled with her blazing Nicki Manaj-like rapping, I could have sworn there were two people wrapped into this amazingly dynamic package.

Karmin went on to play “Hello,” from their new album of the same title. Of course their set wouldn’t be complete without the song that got them here, Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now.” They wrapped it up with their hit single “Broken Hearted.”

Up next was Owl City, best known for their hit song “Fireflies,” they came out singing “Cave In.” I say “their” hit song, but Owl City is a one-man-band who goes by the name of Adam Young (lead vocals, programming, keyboards, piano, synthesizers, guitars, bass guitar, drums, percussion, vibraphone) – I know quite the list.

Adam Young

Adam Young – click for more images

Young does bring along a few friends to help him out while touring. Among them are Breanne Düren (keyboards, backing vocals), Daniel Jorgensen (guitar, vibraphone), Jasper Nephew (guitar), and Steve Goold (drums).

Owl City played a number of their newer songs including “Dementia” and “Meteor Showers.” Of course they also threw in their old standby “Fireflies.”

Adam Lambert sashayed out on stage wearing what appeared to be a lighted pair of pants, but my eyes were deceiving me. Turns out they were a very reflective and very shiny pair of pants with a tiger pattern in black and silver. I say sashayed, but he really strutted more than sashayed, but out of respect for his gayness, I thought I would say sashayed.

What? Where are you going? It was just a joke ““ Wonderful, I just lost half my readers.

Lambert kicked some major butt during the very short time he was onstage as he flawlessly performed songs from his new album including “Trespassing,” “Kickin “‘In,” and “Naked Love.”

I was quite surprised when Lambert didn’t end his set with “Whataya Want From Me,” which is clearly his biggest hit to date.

Lambert could easily have headlined this show, which may be why “they” kept him to only and handful of songs, leaving the audience wanting more. Many of the fans waited in anticipation for him to come back out and perform an encore.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert – Click for more images

After a brief set change, Demi Lovato arrived on stage as screaming fans greeted her. Many people around me had to plug their ears for fear of blowing out an ear drum or two. In fact, after a couple of songs into Lovato’s set you could see a number of audience members leaving the pavilion. Was it Lovato not being able to hold their attention, or simply the discomfort of all the screaming?

Lovato played several covers including Lil Waynes “How to Love” and Lady Antebellum’s “American Honey.” She also played her smash hit “Give Your Heart a Break.”

If you measured this concert purely on decibels, I would say the show belonged to Lovato as every girl under the roof screamed throughout her set, but I would have preferred to see more of Lamberts work, let’s face it those pants were hot!

While you’ll see a number of photos from the show, you will notice I’m lacking Lovato’s. It appears that Lovato has been so successful and in the media so much, that her management team didn’t think SacAndBeyond was worthy to shoot her portion of the show. I know ““ my therapists didn’t understand it either.

If you haven’t been to a concert put on by The End, it’s well worth it, and you never know, you could End up with some really great onstage seating! Protection Status



8 Responses to The End for Power Balance Pavilion

  • I was taken back by the writer’s comments concerning Adam’s “gayness” and disagree on who got most screams. I wasn’t there but watched all the videos and Adam did get more applause and screams. Demi is a very nice girl and talented in fact in my opinion she’s one of only a few female pop stars that can really sing not like Rhianna, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, etc. But she’s very young and teen girls follow these type of singers even more than male singers. Yes I agree Adam should have headlined the show he is the most talented singer and performer of my generation. He also cut his set short as he wasn’t feeling well probably exhausted from the Queen European concerts and other radio sponsored shows. He so far above doing these gigs but that’s just my personal opinion.

  • Your comments about Adam’s sexual orientation are offensive and unnecessary. Shame on you.

  • Ugh. Why ruin a good review of Adam Lambert’s work with a gay joke? It just takes all the joy out of it for his fans. No wonder the kids cant’t stop the crap in school because the so called adults think it is fun and games as usual. It’s just a joke and nobody gets hurt, right? It is neither cute or funny. It is just offensive and childish.

  • thanks for the review, i have seen Karmin & Adam before so can agree entirely on your take on them. Sorry, Fireflies makes me want to jam a steel pick in my ear to avoid hearing it and Demi is sweet but doesnt seem like headliner material to me.

    As for your joke, wow really Adam is gay? huh, I did not know this, its not like EVERY SINGLE REVIEWER OR INTERIVEWER mentions it EVERY TIME……so thanks for the scoop. Meh at least you didnt call him a limp wristed poof like the guy reviewing his show the night before or lamented that he didnt show enough of his queerness to be interesting like another one. Seems like music reviewers are all cut from the same douchebag homophobic cloth, oh well.

  • Did you forget to mention that the other three singers were straight? No, of course not. It has no bearing on their performance or musical ability. So why do some reporters find the need to clarify Adam Lambert’s sexual preference? He is on stage to sing!!! And,WOW! can he sing!!!!

  • I WAS THERE O/. 5 songs with Adam wearing the silver pants was worth sitting through the first two acts and I was ready for a smoke and cold shower when he was through. Karmin and Owl City are talented musicians and I guess they play well on the radio but they really didn’t connect with the crowd.

    From where I sat Adam connected with everyone. From the twinkle in his eye to the power in his pants he was on fire. He has such command of his voice and the crowd. He was amazing. I didn’t notice any sashaying but his thrusts were a knock out.

    I didn’t stay for Demi but I was glad Adam played for a younger crowd (and their parents) that might not have seen him otherwise. There were lots of young girls buying his tee-shirts. It was all good.

  • I’m not sure how “sashayed” is showing “respect for his gayness”? Quite the opposite. But as others have said your review is damn good in comparison to some of the moronic homophobic tripe some other reviewers have been spewing about Adam. Is it just a USA thing? This issue or obsession with stereotyping gay men? I dunno. Anyway – if you knew anything about Adam you’d know he never sashays and that he definitely STRUTS. In fact, he is so committed to STRUTTING rather than the ridiculous gay stereotype equivalents that he wrote a song about it on his first album. Guess you didn’t know about it. Easy to miss coz it has the cryptic title: “STRUT”.

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