ABBAsolutely Good Time at Thunder Valley Casino


(LR) Jenny Gustafsson and Vicky Zetterberg

When I think of a rock concert I think of head banging, guitar shredding, and a pot induced road trip and last night I was missing the shredding and banging, but damn the trip was right-on, as Arrival from Sweden, The Music of ABBA kicked some major tribute band butt ““ Mamma Mia, they were good!

It was as if I was lost in the 70’s as Arrival kicked their show off with “That’s Me,” playing to an overflowing crowd in Thunder Valley Casino Resort‘s Pano Hall on Friday night.

I was a bit confused as Pano Hall started filling up with mostly gray hairs. It’s not like ABBA’s been around for almost 40 years ““ Oh crap!! They have! That makes me a friggin gray hair, damned if my therapist wasn’t right.

Joining founding member Vicky Zetterberg (playing Anni-Frid) onstage was Jenny Gustafsson (playing Agnetha), six musicians, and three female back-up singers.

After “That’s Me” Gustafsson explained to the crowd that ABBA was an acronym for the original members of the band ABBA, consisting of Agnetha Fältskog, Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Anni-Frid Lyngstad.


ABBA – Arrival from Sweden – Click for more images

It was interesting as Gustafsson and Zetterberg told stories of the original ABBA bringing out the true meaning to some of their songs. For example, when telling the audience about the long term engagement of Andersson and Lyngstad, they segued into “I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do.”

The funny thing about Andersson and Lyngstad’s longterm engagement, or maybe not so funny, is after a twelve year engagement, Lyngstad finally said yes ““ They were divorced a year and a half later – You know there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

That was the beginning of the end for ABBA as they disbanded in 1982.

The evening continued with Gustafsson and Zetterberg telling stories and singing like the real deal. I was amazed when someone was leaving the concert because they were upset that this wasn’t the real ABBA. I’m just thankful that the real ABBA wasn’t onstage wearing those skimpy outfits, plus, would the original band sound this good? I doubt it.


Arrival – Click for more images

As for the six musicians, they were extremely tight and sounded magnificent, couple that with the pitch perfect performance of Gustafsson and Zetterberg, and you had the perfect ABBA tribute band.

The show was broken up into two halves with a brief intermission. Each half included a medley of hits, so they could fit more of their hits into the show. They played hits such as “SOS,” “Waterloo,” “Mamma Mia,” and “Thank You.”

Due to the age range of the audience, it was pretty subdued, with a handful of fans dancing in the aisles, but that all change with their closing song . . . “Dancing Queen,” as everyone jumped up to dance and clap their hands.

ABBA has sold close to 400 million records and they’ve been compared to Elvis and the The Beatles in terms of sales. The musical “Mamma Mia,” was based on the hits of ABBA and was a worldwide sensation.

All I can say is it was an ABBAsolutely fabulous show!



Backup Singers – Click for more images

That’s Me
I Do I Do I Do
Knowing Me Knowing You
When I Kissed
Medley: I’ve Been, Honey, He’s Your Fernando
Money Money Money
Mamma Mia


Voulez Vous
Does Your Mother Know
Medley: Kisses, Angel Eyes, Lay All Your Love on Me, Gimme Gimme, Super Trouper, Name of the Game, Eagle
The Winner
Take a Chance
Hole in Your Soul
Thank You
Dancing Queen Protection Status



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