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Jackson, New jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure won’t be hosting metal concerts anytime in the near future, thanks to some idiot named Ronnie Radke.

For all you metal-heads out there thinking to yourself – Hey, I know that name.

You should, he was one of the original band members and lead singer for Escape the Fate, who just recently played at the Aftershock Music Festival in Sacramento, CA – minus Radke (read the review).

While performing in his latest band Falling In Reverse at Six Flag’s FestEVIL, the 28 year old Radke pulled an insane stunt aimed at his fans. At the end of his set, while singing “The Drug in Me is You,” (which he penned while in the pen) the 28 year old made the brilliant decision to throw a mic stand into the audience. Not just one, but three mic stands in all.

He didn’t just toss them out like a drummer throwing their drumsticks out to pleading fans, no he hurled them into the crowd injuring a couple of concert goers. After his little show of machismo and all things stupid, Radke finished with, “Thank you! Good night!”


Afterwards local authorities charged Radke with simple assault and aggravated assault. He was released on $25,000 bail.

“This was the first metal show that we’ve ever had, and will be the last,” Kristin Siebeneicher, spokeswoman for the theme park, told the Asbury Park Press. “We have no plans to host another metal show.”

Current lead singer for Escape the Fate Craig Mabbitt (L) and TJ Bell

“This performer was completely reckless,” said Siebeneicher. “He had complete disregard for the safety of his fans. His actions were totally unacceptable. It’s not the type of entertainment that we want to be producing.”

This isn’t Radke’s first brush with the law.

Radke was kicked out of Escape the Fate back in 2008 when the band wanted to go on an international tour, but Radke couldn’t leave the country due to being on probation for his involvement in a fatal shooting. Radke did not shoot the victim, but was charged with battery and sentenced to five years’ probation.

To make matters worse, in 2008 Radke was arrested for not checking in with his parole officer, leading to a 2 year prison term, making it kind of difficult to go on tour with Escape the Fate.

I understand the liability issues, but with over 20 bands performing at FestEvil, it’s disappointing to see the park banning all metal acts, due to the actions of one dumbass. Protection Status



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