Michael Jackson’s dermatologist may be Prince Jackson’s father

Photo from Arnold W. Klein's Facebook page

Photo from Arnold W. Klein’s Facebook page

Yesterday Michael Jackson’s dermatologist, Arnold W. Klein, posted a photo of himself overlaid on top of a photo of Michael Joseph Jackson on Facebook, with the comment “hmmmmm,” leading many to believe that he’s the father of Michael’s eldest son, better known as Prince Jackson.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Klein was Jackson’s dermatologist and speculation over the years had people questioning his relationship to Prince and Paris, with some wondering if they were his children.

Prince was born Feb. 13, 1997 to Jackson and the singer’s ex-wife, Debbie Rowe. Sister Paris Jackson was born a year later, with the couple divorcing in 1999. A custody fight ensued resulting in the pop singer reportedly paying $6 million to settle a custody battle with Rowe, giving him full custody.

Michael always claimed they were his children and Klein had previously denied being the father of the two children.

Michael’s third child Prince Michael II, or “Blanket,” was through an anonymous surrogate mother.

At the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who was being tried for the death of Michael Jackson, Klein had been portrayed as an enabler who fueling Jackson’s addiction to Demerol.

It was around that time that Klein filed for bankruptcy, blaming his financial troubles on his former office manager, Jason Pfeiffer, and former accountant, Muhammad Khilji, who he said embezzled more than $8 million.

In a not very flattering Vanity Fair article, Klein comes across as unstable, claiming on Facebook that his former accountant Khilji used hawala, the ancient informal money-transfer system employed by al-Qaeda to move funds around the world, to clean out his employer’s assets and transfer them into far-flung bank accounts.

In the article Klein is quoted as saying, “They opened 41 illegal bank accounts in my name,” said Klein. “I have records of all this stuff. Also, they tried to overdose me … so I would bleed to death They tried to overdose me on Coumadin [blood thinner], because I was in atrial flutter [abnormal heart rhythm], and they changed my will in the middle of the night without notarizing it.”

It should also be noted that Debbie Rowe was Klein’s medical assistant.

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