Sharon Osbourne catches house on fire

thetalk_gettickets_marquee_revSharon Osbourne told her television audience on The Talk today that she almost burned down her house when she fell asleep leaving a candle burning.

At approximately 5 a.m. Sharon woke up to a noise, thinking the house keepers were in the house. As she started to smell something funny, she went to investigate and discovered a candle she had lit the night before had shattered, spreading oil and wax, which caught fire.

Husband and rocker Ozzy, who had surgery on his hand yesterday tried putting the flames out and suffered some minor burns, mainly singeing facial hair and his long locks of hair.

According to Sharon a bunch of good looking firemen from the Beverly Hills Fire Department responded to the blaze, and then proceeded to lecture her on candle safety.

“Please please check your candles before you go to bed,” Osbourne pleaded, “It can happen to you.”

Turns out the offending candle was a gift from America’s Got Talent’s new judge Howard Stern.

Just a coincidence?

Next seasons AGT should be interesting.

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