West Sacramento officer accused of assault and kidnapping

Sergio Alvarez

Sergio Alvarez
Photo: Sacramento PD

On Monday a West Sacramento police officer was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting and kidnapping numerous women while on duty.

Sergio Alvarez was arrested after a five-month investigation that began in September, after a woman told another officer that she had been sexually assaulted by a uniformed officer.

According to Police Chief Dan Drummond the 37-year-old Alvarez was immediately placed on administrative leave, and Sacramento Police Department detectives were asked to aid in the investigation.

Investigators have identified five more victims, bringing the total to six known victims. A grand jury was convened over the weekend at the direction of the Yolo County district attorney, resulting in an indictment.

Drummond said Alvarez was officially terminated on Monday and booked into Yolo County jail, with his bail set at $26.3 million.

Alvarez graduated from River City High School in West Sacramento and is married with children.

In 2007 Alvarez joined the West Sacramento Police Department as a patrol officer, his first law enforcement job.

“I’m personally just appalled and sick that someone who was put in a position of trust would violate that trust in such a despicable an egregious manner,” Drummond said at the press conference.

The alleged assaults happened during Alvarez’s late night or early morning patrols, with the assaults occurring inside and outside of his patrol car.

The time period of the assaults has been narrowed down to between October 2011 and September 2012, with victims ranging between 20 and 47 years old, all frequenting the West Capitol Avenue area.

Drummond said patrol officers typically work alone, but procedures are now being reviewed to ensure appropriate controls are in place to alleviate any future incidents.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call West Sacramento police at (916) 617-4775

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