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Sacramento Beer Week: I’ll drink to that


The fourth annual Sacramento Beer Week begins next week, but festivities start this weekend and runs through next weekend, culminating with the Capital Beer Fest on Saturday March 2.

Celebrating the rich history and culture of beer in the Sacramento region, the third annual Capital Beerfest is expected to attract 90 breweries, including every brewery in the immediate Sacramento vicinity.

As people gather to celebrate the close of Sacramento Beer Week, they have the opportunity to benefit Runnin’ for Rhett Scholarship and the Runnin’ for Rhett Youth Fitness Program.

This grassroots effort has been a successful collaboration between brewers, pubs and restaurants in the Sacramento area.

Not to be left our Roseville and Rocklin are stepping up to the plate with nine different locations hosting events in celebration of Sacramento Beer Week.

Below are some of the locations in the Roseville Rocklin area where you can enjoy a beer or two. For a complete list go here.

Shady Coffee and Tea
Happy Hour at Shady Coffee and Tea  — Happy Hour
Beer Week Celebration — Live Music, Tasting Event
Open Mic at Shady Coffee and Tea — Live Music
Trivia Night at Shady Coffee and Tea — Beer Trivia, Prizes and Giveaways

Yard House
Meet the Brewmaster- Sierra Nevada Brewing — Meet the Brewer/Owner
Yard House Craft on Draft
Meet the Owner Rubicon Brewing — Meet the Brewer/Owner
Meet the Owner – Knee Deep Brewing — Meet the Brewer/Owner
Perfecto Lounge
Cigars & Brew Featuring Knee Deep! — Meet the Brewer/Owner, Tasting Event
Cigars & Brew Featuring Stone Brewing! — Tasting Event
Cigars & Brew Featuring Lost Coast Brewing — Tasting Event
Cigars & Brew – Man Cave Monday! — Tasting Event
Cigars & Brew Featuring North Coast Brewing! — Tasting Event
Cigars & Brew Featuring Allagash & Shipyard! — Tasting Event
Cigars & Brew Featuring Anderson Valley Brewing! — Tasting Event
Sudwerk Brewery Beer Tasting — Tasting Event
Firestone Walker Brewing Beer Tasting — Tasting Event
Sudwerk Tasting — Tasting Event
Allagash and Shipyard Tasting — Tasting Event
Owl Club
New Craft Beers at Owl Club! — Tasting Event
Nugget Markets
Nugget Markets Beer Tasting- Roseville
Nugget Markets Beer and Cider Tasting- Roseville
Nugget Markets Beer Tasting- Roseville
Mary’s Pizza Shack
Late Night Happy Hour — Happy Hour
$5 Pizza & a Pint — Food Pairing or Beer Dinner
Meet the Brewer and $3 Pint Night — Meet the Brewer/Owner, Pint Night
Happy Hour at the Brewery — Happy Hour
The Chef’s Table
Anderson Valley Beer Dinner — Food Pairing or Beer Dinner, Meet the Brewer/Owner, Special Event or Party (requires tickets)
Boneshaker Public House
The Big Woody Festival — Tasting Event
Lupu Loco (Hop Crazy!) — Tasting Event
Triple Voodoo Brew Love — Meet the Brewer/Owner, Tasting Event
Sour Power! — Tasting Event
The Big “O” — Cider, Food Pairing or Beer Dinner, Tasting Event
Boulder Beer Raid — Tasting Event
Final Gravity
Ninkasi Pint Night
Local Brewery Total Tap Takeover
Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company Tasting
Track 7 & Knee Deep Total Tap Takeover
Telegraph Tasting Protection Status

Adam Ant releases new album after 18 years

Adam Ant is the Blueback Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter

Adam Ant is the Blueback Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter

Today Adam Ant released his first new album in 18 years. The 17 song album, “Adam Ant is the Blueback Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter,” is semi-autobiographical, according to Ant, with a few songs dealing with his mental illness.

The 58-year-old made dressing like a pirate sexy back in the ‘80s, and brought us a string of hits like, “Stand and Deliver,” “Prince Charming” and “Goody Two Shoes.”

Adam Ant

Adam Ant by Andy Gotts

In an interview with Reuters Ant says he has no television and loves to read, particularly historical books. He sports a number of tattoos with one on his left arm of Admiral Lord Nelson’s inspirational last prayer before the infamous battle of Trafalgar, and below that an image of his grandfather who served in the navy during World War One.

Another tattoo on his right arm is an Oscar Wilde quote: “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.” Telling Reuters Adam said, “I can certainly say I have had that experience.”

After dropping out of the music world in 1995 battling exhaustion and mental illness, Ant spent most of that time raising his daughter while being treated for bipolar disorder. He finally emerged in 2010 performing concerts around London and beyond.

Adam Ant

Adam Ant, Blueblack Hussar, pc, Courtesy of Adam Ant

Ant, still sporting his signature eye liner, goatee beard, and bandana over his greying ponytail, says he missed music during his years out of the industry and started writing songs about three years ago. Telling Reuters, “It felt like the right time. I had missed it a great deal … It is almost a blessing to work in rock ‘n roll and play live.”

Reviews have been mixed with The Independent saying, “It’s sprawling, overdue and not for everyone, but at least it’s not a play-it-safe comeback.” One reviewer at The Guardian gave it only two stars saying, “one has to question the wisdom of a 58-year-old man singing: ‘Punky young girl needs a middle-aged man whose midlife crisis you began’.”

Ant is planning a tour in the UK and a return to the United States. He’s also working on his autobiography, “Stand and Deliver” and planning a fashion line.

Scary Spice joins ‘America’s Got Talent’

agtMel BYesterday NBC announced that former Spice Girl Mel B will be joining the judging panel on the popular talent show “America’s Got Talent.”

The 37-year-old Scary Spice joins veteran judge and comedian Howie Mandel and relative newcomer shock-jock Howard Stern.

Mel B’s filling the spot vacated by Sharon Osbourne, who announced her departure last August when she claimed that NBC fired her son Jack Osbourne from another competition show “Stars Earn Stripes,” after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. NBC claims that Jack wasn’t even hired, let alone fired.

NBC’s president of alternative programming Paul Telegdy said in a statement,”This exciting addition of the dynamic Mel B to our lineup of judges promises that fans will see a strong, talented and opinionated woman match up against our equally outspoken judges Howard Stern and Howie Mandel.”

In the same statement Mel B added, “It’s so exciting to be bringing some Girl Power to the panel!”

Mel B is no strangers to judging panels as she recently finished her second season as judge on the Australian version of “The X Factor,” which coincidently was created by Simon Cowell, who’s also responsible for creating “America’s Got Talent.”

Nationwide auditions for “America’s Got Talent” are slated to begin on March 4 in New Orleans.


Roseville man arrested 3 times in under two months

Francis Ngissah

Francis Ngissah
Photo: Roseville PD

In a brilliant move that landed Francis Amiteye Ngissah in jail for the third time in less than two months on Wednesday, the troubled 24-year-old made the dubious decision to sign over the deed of his home as collateral for bail. The problem, the home wasn’t his.

According to a Roseville Police Department press release,”Ngissah is suspected of paying two Roseville businesses for auto parts and groceries­­ with fraudulent checks on closed accounts.” Add his creative collateral, and now he’s facing three counts of fraud and $55,000 bail.

But wait, there’s more!

In February Ngissah was arrested on charges for fraudulently purchasing furniture for, what is assumed is his home, costing a local business $8,000.

January found Ngissah in jail for restraining three kids and an adult with zip-ties, attaching clothespins to their nipples as punishment.

Apparently as the CEO and president of the CCSE Prep Academy, a charter basketball school, Ngissah thought he had the power to cruelly punish students in order to teach them a lesson. According to the Roseville Police Department three foreign exchange students, who happened to be boarding at Ngissah’s home in Roseville, showed up at their doorstep to report they were being subjected to physical punishment by Ngissah.

After an investigation, detectives arrested Ngissah on suspicion of child abuse, including corporal punishment and willful cruelty, battery and false imprisonment. He was released after posting a $100,000 bail bond, which ultimately led to his latest arrest.

To make matters worse the validity of the CCSE Prep Academy is under scrutiny.

Justin Beiber murder plot details emerge


Photo: Island Records

In December it was reported that Justin Bieber was the target of a foiled murder plot and castration, and today KOAT 7 News in Albuquerque has released a taped recording of a call made between Dana Martin and two conspirators. Martin is currently serving two life sentences for raping and killing a 15-year-old girl.

According to Police Martin is the mastermind behind the murder plot and directed former jailhouse friend, Mark Staake and Tanner Ruane to carry out the plot.

“Did he go over the Bieber thing with you?” Martin asked Ruane in a taped phone conversation.

“Nah. The way I like to work dude, I like to know as little as possible,” Ruane responded. “He’s gonna use one of the things you gave him, and then he’s gonna take care of it,” continuing Ruane said, “We went and bought the hedge clippers. You’re gonna give me 5 large ($5,000) for each one I get.”

The men planned on using the clippers to castrate Bieber and his bodyguard in New York City, this according to prison authorities. Martin also instructed the men to suffocate the victims with his signature paisley scarf.

“Tie it really tight, and that cuts off all the oxygen, and then tie it in the back again, really tight. That seals the deal,” Martin said.

The two accomplices were arrested for making a wrong turn into Canada before they had a chance to carry out the orders.

They are now facing multiple charges.


Sacramento County Child Protective Services sued

Sacramento newsThe Sacramento Bee reported yesterday that the Sacramento County Child Protective Services agency is being sued for allowing several children to live in the same house as a registered sex-offender.

According to the Bee, the father said he was afraid of what he might do and was admitted to a mental hospital after a CPS social worker informed him that his children had been sexually abused.

“I was going to burn down CPS, I was going to beat down the grandmother, and I was going to take down Gowan,” he told the Bee.

The three children, two girls ages 3 and 6, and a 7-year-old boy, remain in foster care and are currently undergoing psychiatric care for the alleged sexual abuse.

In a report filed by a CPS social worker in Family Court, the children’s mother notified CPS in June 2011 that she could no longer care for her children due to mental health issues. The mother signed temporary custody over to her maternal grandmother, with CPS approving the move.

The report went on to explain the grandmother’s boyfriend Larry Gowan, who is a registered sex offender, was living at the home. The report went on to note that Sacramento police confirmed Gowan’s status as a registered sex offender.

It appears CPS became aware of the situation a month after the children had moved in with the grandmother, this after the agency received a complaint from a confidential source about the placement of the children. Another month passed by before CPS made any move to remove the children from the home.

When interviewed by a CPS social worker, the boy said Gowan touched his privates several times.

CPS spokeswoman Laura McCasland said the agency checks a number of databases to make sure foster children are not placed with sex offenders.

According to the Bee, an October 2011 report by the state auditor found the listed addresses of more than 1,000 sex offenders matched those of foster care facilities across California. Some of those addresses were in Sacramento County, but a check by CPS showed no sex offenders were living with foster children.

The embattled agency has had a number of ongoing issues over the past several years. In 2007 Daelynn Foreman, a 12-year-old, slowly dwindled to 23 pounds eventually starving to death. According to court records the agency had been warned several times that she was not being properly cared for.

In late 2011 Michelle Callejas was hired to head the agency, replacing Laura Coulthard, who left during the summer of that same year due to widespread criticism and budget cuts.

Most recently in December Blancho Brumfield, a CPS social worker, was fired because she allegedly abused children in her foster home, used a county car to commute to work each day and cheated the county out of pay by clocking her commute.

At the time Brumfield was hired as an emergency response investigator, she was being investigated by the California Department of Social Services for abuse reports at her Vallejo foster home.

Alec Baldwin hurls racial slurs at photographer

Photo by: St. Martin's Griffin

Photo by: St. Martin’s Griffin

Fox news is reporting that over the weekend Alec Baldwin apparently attacked a New York Post reporter and photographer hurling racial slurs at the photographer.

Baldwin was approached by reporter Tara Palmeri, with the New York Post, and photographer G.N. Miller, just outside his Manhattan home. The pair were there to interview the 54-year-old about reports that his wife, Hilaria Thomas, is being sued.

Palmeri asked Baldwin about the lawsuit causing the actor to grab the reporter saying, “I want you to choke to death.” According to the New York Post, Palmeri played back a recording of the incident for Police.

Afterwards Baldwin then began berating Miller with racial slurs, calling him “crackhead,” “coon” and a “drug dealer.” Miller, a decorated former NYPD detective, filed a harassment claim with police.

The “30 Rock” actor quickly took to the Twitter-sphere tweeting,  “Thank u 2 NYPD officers who came to my home 2day so that I could file a formal complaint against NY Post ‘photographer’ who assaulted me’’

Baldwin continued tweeting, “I slipped and fell on a trail of oil the Post ‘photographer’ left near my bldg. Who do I sue.”

About the Post accusing him of racism, Baldwin tweets, “That’s kind of magical thinking, isn’t it? The Post accusing me of racism.”

On his foundation account, ABFoundation, he had this to say about the accusation, “I find it ironic that my foundation’s last grant was $50,000 to the Arthur Ashe Learning Center.”

Most tweets have since been deleted.

No stranger to battles with the media, last June Baldwin reportedly punched New York Daily News photographer Marcus Santos. According to the Daily News, Santos was photographing Baldwin and his wife when he shoved the photographer and then punched him.

Baldwin has pointed his anger at others outside the media. While waiting for a commercial airplane to take off Baldwin threw a tantrum berating the flight attendant and delaying the flight. He was eventually ejected from the flight. What caused such a ruckus? He was supposedly playing “Words with Friends.”

Baldwin’s behavior has gotten so bad that Queen’s Senator Malcolm Smith is demanding that NBC force the actor into anger management courses. In a statement the Senator wrote, “If these allegations are true, then no television network or film studio should hire the veteran actor until he seeks help. In today’s modern age it’s a disgrace that people still use remarks that provide hatred to others based on race or origin.”

What do you think?

Does donating to the Arthur Ashe Learning Center prove he’s not a racist?


Country music singer Mindy McCready dead at 37

Mindy McCready Photo: BNA Records Label

Mindy McCready
Photo: BNA Records Label

Associated Press is reporting that troubled country music singer Mindy McCready died today from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot. She was 37.

Deputies were sent to a home around 4 p.m. and found her body on the front porch. No further details were available.

Speaking to The Associated Press in 2010, McCready smiled wryly while talking about the string of issues she’d dealt with over the last half-decade.

“It is a giant whirlwind of chaos all the time,” she said of her life. “I call my life a beautiful mess and organized chaos. It’s just always been like that. My entire life things have been attracted to me and vice versa that turn into chaotic nightmares or I create the chaos myself. I think that’s really the life of a celebrity, of a big, huge, giant personality.”

Just about a month ago David Wilson, McCreary’s longtime boyfriend and father of her youngest son, was found shot on the same porch where she was discovered. For a brief period of time she was being investigated for the killing of Wilson.

McCready issued a statement last month lamenting his death. And she called him her soul mate and a caregiver to her sons in an interview with NBC’s “Today” show.

“I just keep telling myself that the more suffering that I go through, the greater character I’ll have,” she said, according to a transcript of the interview.

McCready was at the top of the country charts in the late ’90s, but her irresponsible behavior sidetracked her career and ultimately claimed the country stars life.

McCready blasted onto the scene in 1996 with her debut album “Ten Thousand Angels,” which was certified 2× Multi-Platinum by the RIAA and her 1997 album “If I Don’t Stay the Night,” went on the be certified Gold.

The embattled singer was no stranger to controversy and heartache.

She was engaged to actor Dean Cain in 1997, leading to a break up the following year.

In 2005 McCready’s ex-boyfriend, Billy McKnight, was arrested and charged with attempted murder after beating and choking her. That same year she was hospitalized after attempting suicide in a hotel. In September of 2005 it was discovered that she was pregnant with McKnight’s child, attempting suicide for a second time by overdosing on antidepressants.

Again in 2008, paramedics were called to McCready’s Nashville home after another apparent suicide attempt.  First responders found wounds around her wrist area and transported her to a local hospital.

McCready appeared in the third season of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” in 2010. She made an appearance on “The View,” to talk about her appearance on the show.

A pornographic videotape of McCready surfaced with ex-boyfriend “Peter,” going on sale by Vivid Entertainment in 2010.

In 2011 McCready was found hiding in a closet with her five year old son Zander in an unoccupied summer home.  Her mother, Gayle Inge, who was Zander’s legal guardian at the time reported the pair missing days before.

It’s a tragic story with a very tragic ending.

V101’s Big Valentines Jam

(LR) Samuelle Prater, Vallerie Watson and Jay King of Club NouveauPhoto by: Randy Miramontez

Club Nouveau
Photo by: Randy Miramontez

Thunder Valley Casino Resort did it again Friday night as they packed them in for V101’s Big Valentine’s Day Jam with a stellar lineup including Sacramento’s own Club Nouveau, Zapp, and The Bar-Kay’s.

Thunder Valley Casino’s Pano Hall was at capacity as droves of fans crowded in to see their favorite bands from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Starting off the show was Club Nouveau performing a number of their hits including “Situation #9,” “Jealousy,” and their No. 1 hit “Lean on Me.” The crowd met them with wild applause as fans were jumping to their feet.

The Zapp Band Photo by: Randy Miramontez

The Zapp Band
Photo by: Randy Miramontez

A couple of their songs fell flat for me, but the audience didn’t seem to mind since the majority of the room remained on their feet for most of their performance. Closing with “Lean on Me,” the instrumentals were lacking with the piano getting lost in the mix of things. Founding members Jay King and Vallerie Watson were joined by original member Samuelle Prater.

The logistics for this show were difficult at best with Zapp and The Bar-Kay’s bringing in a large number of instruments with everything from drums and keyboards to Zapp’s  Peter Frampton style Talkbox. This may have contributed to the less than stellar performance by Club Nouveau.

The Zapp Band Photo by: Randy Miramontez

The Zapp Band
Photo by: Randy Miramontez

Zapp followed Club Nouveau with many of their hits which included “More Bounce to the Ounce,” “Dance Floor” and “Computer Love,” just to name a few. Founding members and brothers Lester Troutman, Terry “Zapp” Troutman and Vontel Troutman were joined by Gregory Jackson and Thomas Troutman.

What can I say about the Zapp band other than they simply killed it. Great colorful props, bright clothes, bright lights, and wonderful sounds, this group of guys had the crowd on their feet during their entire set.

As Zapp finished their set a large number of people headed for the doors. While some came back in for headliner The Bar-Kay’s many didn’t. Apparently a small portion of the fans were there to see Zapp.

The Bar-Kays Photo: Randy Miramontez

The Bar-Kays
Photo: Randy Miramontez

As The Bar-Kay’s took the stage the crowd was re-energized and back on their feet. The crowd seemed more subdued for The Bar-Kay’s than for Zapp, but that evaporated mid-way through their set.

Onstage was Larry Dodson (lead singer), James Alexander (bass), Tony Gentry (guitar), Ezra Williams (keyboards), Carlos Sargent (drums), Mark Bynum (keyboards), Darrel Stanley (background vocals), Archie Love (background vocals) and Mike Anderson (guitar).

The Bar-Kays

The Bar-Kays

Bringing on the funk, The Bark-Kay’s performed many of their hits including “Soul Finger,” “Let’s Have Some Fun” and “Hit and Run.”

While The Bar-Kay’s had a stellar performance, at the end of the day Zapp stole the show and clearly should have had top billing.

For a complete listing of upcoming shows visit Thunder Valley Casino Resort.


Goldie Harvey Nigerian pop star dead at 31

0001040191_500Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey the Nigerian pop star better known as Goldie Harvey has died at the age of 31, this according to a post yesterday on her Facebook page.

“It is with heavy heart that I have to inform you all that Goldie passed this night shortly after arriving Lagos from LA. May her soul rest in the eternal peace of the Lord – Admin!!” read the post dated yesterday.

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The award winning Harvey had just returned home to Lago, Nigeria from her trip to the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. According to TMZ she complained of a severe headache and was rushed to a hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Kemmy Ogungbe, head of Harvey’s record label Kennis Music, wrote in a statement, “With a deep sense of loss, we announce the shocking death of our darling music star, Goldie Harvey.”

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Harvey was spotted hanging out at a Grammy pre-event party with fellow singer Ciara. Harvey was not nominated for any awards.

Harvey appeared on Africa’s version of Big Brother last year, stirring up quite a controversy due to her Western mannerisms.

She is survived by her father, step-mother and numerous siblings.

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