‘The Voice’ contestant MacKenzie Bourg releases new video


Photo: MacKenzie Bourg

Team Cee-Lo scores with “The Voice” contestant MacKenzie Bourg, as the third season’s contestant releases his new music video for his hit song “Everyone’s Got A Story,”

The 19-year-old has been through quite a bit at such a young age, when a couple of years prior to being on “The Voice” he contracted viral myocarditis, triggering congestive  heart failure. Before being placed in a medically induced coma he told his father that he would wake up before the Superbowl. As promised he came out of his coma the day before the Superbowl. That was the year “The Voice” followed the big game, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Winning the hearts of millions of fans on the music competition show with his Justin Bieber looks and great backstory, Bourg never looked back after his elimination, as fans cheered him on through Twitter. After he released his debut single “Everyone’s Got A Story,” the MacPack, as his fans are called, drove the tune to the top 60 on iTunes.The-Voice

After releasing his first song the MacPack tweeted their praise, including Christina Millan who wrote, “I love the new @BourgMackeznie single! great song! Congrats!”

“Smooth” rocker Rob Thomas joined the MacPack as he tweeted “Hey Guys! Our friend MacKenzie Bourg has a new single out.. check it out!”

At 19 Bourg has a very soulful voice and pulls off a very nice Jason Maraz sound in “Everyone’s Got A Story.” It’s a great tune and nicely done video.

Soon enough you will be reading about other up and coming singers being referred to as having a MacKenzie Bourg kinda sound.

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