Pair arrested after swallowing razor blade tainted doughnuts

Examining-Stupidity2KUTV in Utah is reporting that two people were arrested after admitting to lacing doughnuts with pieces of razor blades, in an attempt to get a settlement from a grocery store.

The dynamic duo, consisting of 39-year-old Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman and 35-year-old Michael Condor, complained to Smith’s grocery store that they had eaten doughnuts containing the material. According to the stores vice president of public affairs, Marsha Gilford, they pulled the doughnuts off the shelf as soon as they received the report.

What stupid looks like

What stupid looks like
Photo: Draper Police Department

According to Draper police, the couple worked at a local Dollar Tree store and offered a co-worker the tainted doughnuts. When she bit into the pastry she suffered minor cuts to her mouth and spit the doughnut out. She immediately contacted police.

Sgt. Chad Chambers with the local police department wasn’t buying it and eventually got Condor to admit the pair had hatched the ill-conceived plan after talking about their financial problems.

X-rays showed that the two had actually swallowed several razor blades.


The two are facing charges of aggravated assault and filing a false police report. Protection Status



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