Michelle Shocked attacks gays in hate-filled rant


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Michelle Shocked lived up to her name earlier this week when she, dare I say, shocked her fans when she went on an anti-gay rant at her concert in San Francisco – probably not the best location to take on the gay community.

Shocked commented during her recent performance at Yoshi’s in San Francisco, “When they stop Prop 8 and force priests at gunpoint to marry gays, it will be the downfall of civilization, and Jesus will come back,” continuing she said, “I live in fear that the world will be destroyed if gays are allowed to marry.”

Finishing off her little tirade, “You can go on Twitter and say ‘Michelle Shocked says God hates f-gs.'”

It appears Shocked is facing some major fallout after her hate filled speech against gays. According to Billboard the 51-year-old singer was slated to perform another 11 concerts over the next couple of months, but 10 of the venues have pulled out.

Shocked has been labeled bi-sexual in the past and has a large gay following, which makes her outburst even more shocking.

In a statement on Evanston SPACE’s Facebook page, one of the venues where Shocked was scheduled to perform, they wrote, “Many of you have reached out already following an ugly rant given by Michelle Shocked at her show in San Francisco last night. After speaking with the promoter of that show about the nature of the remarks, it’s clear that this is no longer a show we’re willing to put our name on. The May 5th performance at SPACE has been cancelled and refunds will be issued at point of purchase.”

Will she recant? Can she?

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