French ‘Survivor’ contestant dies during filming

KohLantaThe Hollywood Reporter is reporting that production of France’s version of ‘Survivor,’  in France it’s referred to as ‘Koh Lanta,’ has stopped production due to the death of a contestant.

Friday was the first day of Production in Cambodia, and as filming began 25-year-old Gerald Babin jumped out of a boat with the group of contestants, and soon after started a game of tug-of-war. During the competition Babin complained about cramping in his arms. He was treated by staff doctors at the scene and flown by helicopter to a local hospital. During the ride he suffered a series of cardiac arrests before reaching the facility.

Channel TF1 and the production company Adventure Line Productions have jointly made the decision to cancel the season. “It is not really a question,” said Alexander Petit, spokesman for TF1, “Everyone is being flown back to France.”

According to Adventure Line Productions all contestants are thoroughly screened and given extensive medical exams prior to the show.

This would have been the shows 16th season.

No long-term decisions have been made regarding the series. Protection Status



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