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D'Lannie Photo: D'Lannie

Photo: Darren Cornell

D’Lannie Brown is someone you might want to pay attention to.

The Texas native is just beginning to capture the attention of producers as she begins her journey into the world of pop.

With influences like Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and her beloved Elvis Presley, D’Lannie is about to shoot up the charts as she teams up with industry professionals like Aaron Reid, son to LA Reid and Pebbles. Aaron helped D’Lannie out on her new single “Really Wanna.”

You can also catch the pop-star in an upcoming reality series on TLC called “Raising Fame.” The show chronicles the life of her and her mother/manager as D’Lannie tries to make it in the business. Her family has already made the sacrifice with her father remaining in Texas, as her and her mother moved to Hollywood in search of her dream.

The series is expected to air in June on the TLC network.

So what is D’Lannie’s music like?

Photo: D'lannie

Photo: D’lannie

Her sound is little bit of Cher Loyd, Ki$ha, and Fergie all rolled into one. In her singles “You” and “Arms Wide Open,” D’Lannie sounds eerily similar to Fergie, think “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

In “So Fly” D’Lannie serves up a beautiful mix of Kisha and Nikki Minaj as she weaves her way through the chorus lines. This one could easily land on the radio and into the top 100.

Armed with pristine vocals and good looks D’Lannie is bound to hit the big time, especially if her current music is any indication of what we can expect from her in the future.

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