Bazar chase leads to DUI arrest

Christopher Glover Photo: Sacramento PD

Christopher Glover
Photo: Sacramento PD

Sacramento Police are reporting a bit of odd behavior exhibited by 28-year-old Christopher Glover on Sunday.

In the early morning hours of Sunday officers responded to a single vehicle accident in the 6700 block of Greenhaven Drive. Upon arrival they discovered a vehicle with a utility light pole and sign still sitting on top of the vehicle and a disoriented Glover behind the wheel.

Once Glover realized officers had arrived on the scene, he attempted to escape out the passenger side door. Realizing that wasn’t going to work, he made the brilliant decision to flee the crime scene and take the evidence with him.

The obviously inebriated Glover backed into the patrol car as the officer was jumping out of the way trying to avoid being run over. Glover was making his escape with pole and sign still on the vehicle. In a dramatic chase that lasted a tad over a block, Glover gave up the fight and pulled over for officers.


Glover’s future outlook – Cloudy with a chance of citations.

No word on the current condition of the light pole and sign. We’re hoping for a quick recovery. Protection Status



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