Man drowns in American River

Photo: Randy Miramontez

Photo: Randy Miramontez

According to the Sacramento Fire Department a 25-year-old man drowned Sunday while swimming in the American River.

Units were called out yesterday after two men and a 12-year-old girl were swimming near Howe Avenue. That’s when Elk Grove resident Demorea Rafael Davis began to tire, struggling to stay afloat and eventually disappeared under water.

The surviving man and young girl were able to swim to safety. Rescuers located the body of the missing man and transported the two survivors to a local hospital for treatment.

Reminder: Any child 12 and under must wear a life-vest. Officials warn anyone swimming river waters to always wear a life-vest no matter your age.

The Sacramento Drowning Accident Rescue Team (DART) explains a typical drowning that seems to occur all too often on the American River and appears to have been the case in this most recent incident.

Here a synopsis of what is documented on DART’s rescue recover page. You can visit there for a more detailed explanation of how events typically transpire.

Typically a group of friends dive into the river and start swimming toward a goal, such as an island, or beach on the opposite side of the river. As the swimmers progress they begin to race each other. The victim begins to tire at a rapid pace, with his friends leaving him behind. The victim tries to catch up and expends even more energy.

Stopping to catch his breath he assesses the situation while treading water and sees that his friends are still closer than the shore and continues to try and catch up.

Struggling to catch up to his friends the victim concentrates all his efforts on his arms and legs, now spending the majority of his energy on keeping afloat and his head above water.

As his breathing becomes short and irregular the he swallow a small amount of water and may begin to cough. All his concentration is now focused on breathing and keeping his head above water, never thinking to call for help. After swallowing even more water his body begins to lose buoyancy and begins to sink.

Don’t let this happen to you. Wear a life-vest! Protection Status



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