CNN fakes satellite interview

cnn-gaffOn Tuesday, CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield and Headline News’ Nancy Grace were discussing the developing story of Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro via satellite.

As the two were shown on a split screen, it quickly became obvious to viewers that the two were not talking via satellite, but were actually in the same parking lot. In one shot viewer could see a Phoenix bus zip by in Banfield’s shot, only to arrive in Grace’s shot a second later.

The controversial Grace is seen holding her hand to her ear as if there’s a problem hearing Banfield, reminiscent of all those cop drama’s where the actors are always holding there ear and talking into their wrist.

If you want a complete breakdown go to The Atlantic Wire, who is responsible for breaking this story. They include a number of animated sequences breaking down the action.

While Grace and Banfield work for different news organizations they are both under the corporate umbrella of Turner Broadcasting.

Photographers are fired for manipulating photos. Is this worse than manipulating a photograph? Protection Status



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