Son shot – mom searches web for treatment

Examining-Stupidity2Santa Fe, TX – Your son gets a nasty cut on their hand, scrapes their knee, or comes down with the common cold. What do you do?

Most people these days turn to websites such as WebMD, which provides a wealth of information on the symptoms and treatment of everything from the common cold to gunshot wounds. Gunshot wounds!

According to the Santa Fe Police Department that’s just what one mother did when her 14-year-old boy got shot in the thigh.

Captain Wayne Kessler said they received a call from Mainland Center Hospital about a boy who was admitted to the hospital with a gunshot to his thigh.

Investigators went to the home of the victim to review surveillance video taken from the teen’s home to try and identify the shooter, which is when they discovered the teen had been shot seven hours earlier.

While the mother is in hot water and could face felony charges of Injury to a Child by Omission, the shooter is behind bars after the video clearly showed the shooter, who just happens to live at the same residence.

Pete Jesse Rodriguez  Photo: Santa Fe Police

Pete Jesse Rodriguez
Photo: Santa Fe Police

Officers arrested Pete Jesse Rodriguez on charges of Injury to a Child with Intent to Commit Serious Bodily Injury – Let’s just call it attempted murder.

In a press release Santa Fe Police said, “The victim was shot once in the upper left thigh with a high caliber bullet. The teen lay on the floor several minutes before getting up.”

The teenage boy is reported to be in stable condition.

We sauntered over to WebMD to find out exactly how we would treat a gunshot wound. You never know when this information might come in handy, and we get to avoid a seven hour delay in determining that our best course of action is a trip to the emergency room.

During our search of WebMD we found their advice to be a no-brainer, as they encourage you to seek professional help for a head injury which they described, “An obvious wound penetrates the skull, such as a knife or gunshot wound (open head injury). Do not remove objects from the wound.”

Here’s a painful one – If you have an injury to your testicles, you might want to visit the emergency room. Examples of the types of injuries one might expect of the testicles as described by WebMD, “Mishaps can cut or pierce the scrotum and injure the testicles. These include animal bites, bullet wounds, and accidents with machinery.”

The internet is a wonderful thing, but please use with caution. Protection Status



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