“Idol’ finale scores record low ratings

AMERICAN IDOL: Logo 2009. CR: FOXThe beleaguered “American Idol” received another ratings blow for their season finale.

“American Idol” had its worst showing for a finale show on Thursday night, as viewers tuned in to see who the winner would be for season 12, with the battle lines drawn between Candice Glover and Kree Harrison. Glover won the show, but couldn’t help the ratings.

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The singing competition saw a record low for last year’s season finale, but this year’s numbers sank to an all-time low for the music talent show. “American Idol” sank to 14.2 million, a decline of 31 percent from last year’s record low, according to ratings data made available on Friday. That’s 7 million viewers less than last year’s finale.

Last years winner Phil Phillips Photo: Randy Miramontez

Last years winner Phil Phillips
Photo: Randy Miramontez

The nightmare ratings come on the heels of Randy Jackson announcing this was his last season as a judge. Mid-season rumors had Mariah Carey out of a job and ex-judge Jennifer Lopez back in. The move never happened after lawyers from Carey’s camp got wind of the poorly timed move.

The ratings never materialized even with all the banter at the beginning of the season between Carey and fellow judge Nicki Minaj. If you recall Minaj was accused of threatening Carey and Carey was rumored to have brought on extra security to protect her and her twins from the maniacal Minaj.

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At one point during the season a rerun of CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” embarrassingly bested ‘Idol’ in ratings.

Back in 2006 and 2007 “American Idol” brought in over 30 million viewers.

Next season may bring a whole new panel of judges as Carey and Minaj were not fan favorites. Randy Jackson has already announced that he would not be returning and rumor has it that Keith Urban may not be back.

Stay tuned, or not.

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