Woman bites man – in the genitals

Sacramento NewsROUGH AND READY, CA – On Saturday a woman became violent after her husband insisted they leave early from the Penn Valley Rodeo in the town of Rough and Ready.

According to The Union, things got ugly once the couple arrived home from the rodeo. Apparently 37-year-old Christina Marie Salinas had a few too many beers at the rodeo and became enraged once they arrived at their home on Highgrader Road. A home the happy couple shares with Salinas’ ex-husband and her four children.

According to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department, Salinas went to the rodeo with her husband, daughter and ex-husband. When her husband, Anthony Hill, wanted to leave early Salinas wanted to stick around and dance.

Once they arrived home Salinas went “Lorena Bobbitt” on Hill, attacking him with a pair of kitchen knives. Her ex-husband jumped into the fray convincing her to drop the knives.

Hill, trying to defuse the situation, started loading up the four kids into the car. Salinas went on the attack again, only this time punched her daughter in the head several times before attacking her husband. During the melee Salinas bit into Hills hand drawing blood and then bit him in the genitals.

Hill and the ex-husband were able to get the crazed woman into the home where Hill dialed 911.

But wait! That’s not all. According to Hill, this is perfectly normal behavior for the couple.

Hill told KCRA in an interview that he regrets calling 911, as he explained this is what they normally do with the exception of calling 911.

“I’ve assaulted her before in arguments,” Hill told KCRA. “We work it out and I went beyond that.”

We at CelebrityExaminer would suggest to Mr. Hill – Next time, wear a cup.

Just a suggestion.

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