Updated: 5.7 quake rocks Greenville, CA

Epicenter of 5.7 quake Screenshot USGS

Epicenter of 5.7 quake
Screenshot USGS

The USGS is reporting a 5.7 Earthquake has hit 11 miles west/northwest of Greenville in Plumas County near Lake Almanor about 148 miles from Sacramento, Calif. The quake occurred near Canyon Dam. Lake Almanor is a popular destination for the upcoming 3-day weekend with many people planning camping trips for fishing and watersports.

Early reports are typical of a quake this size with pictures knocked off walls and items flying off shelves. No injuries have been reported. According to the USGS, with this size of a quake you can expect some buildings to be damaged in the area.

Preliminary reports were the magnitude was 5.9, but has since been revised to 5.7.

Aftershocks continued throughout the night with over 50 smaller quakes shaking the area, with the largest quake at 4.9.

Reports flooded in from areas as far south as Elk Grove and South Sacramento.

The epicenter of the earthquake is about 40 miles away from Lassen Peak, an active volcano that last erupted on May 22, 1915.

Surveillance video from Evergreen Market in Greenville

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