Game of Thrones 29: Fans React to gruesome episode

arya1Spoiler alert for all you TIVO fans.

In episode 29, aptly named “The Rains of Castamere,” as Robb Stark seeks advice from his mother, Catelyn Stark, he makes a profound statement, “I made a mistake.”

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As friends and family gather to see Catelyn’s brother married off to Walder Frey’s daughter Roslin, you realize something may be amiss as the two newlyweds are whisked off for their not-so-private bedding while doors are being closed and locked throughout the great hall.

Walder, spurned by Robb’s broken promise to wed his daughter and instead marry Talisa who is now pregnant with Robb’s child and is not one of Walder’s many daughters, is still harboring bad feelings. That point becomes quite obvious as Catelyn realizes Roose Bolton is wearing chain mail underneath his ‘Sunday go to meeting’ clothes.

That’s about the time the slaughter begins as Telisa is stabbed, in the belly mind you, and then archers start shooting into the crowd, in the most gruesome scene of the shows short history, eventually killing everyone from the Stark contingent, include Robb and his dearest mum Catelyn.

Oh my!

So how have fans reacted? Well we know how Maisie Williams feels. Maisie is better known by fans as Arya Stark, who just happened to be outside the castle preparing to be reunited with her family when the slaughter began. She posted this message on Vine Monday.

So what about other fans? Well we popped on over to the Game of Thrones Facebook page to check it out and here’s what some Facebook users had to say.

Ramon de Bruijn: “I think we are all still recovering from a severe depression after episode 9 at the moment.”

Vladimir Medarski: “They named the child Ned and it died within 5 minutes… No comment”

Karen Gray: “Is there a support group I can join??? Traumatised!!!”

Dale Day: “BEST WEDDING EVER by dothraki standards”

And Facebook user Jim Mapstone summed it up best: “I need a Psychiatrist…” Protection Status



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