Rancho Cordova Metro PCS fire ruled arson

Metro PCS fire Credit: Sac Metro Fire

Metro PCS fire
Credit: Sac Metro Fire

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA – A commercial fire at a Metro PCS store in Rancho Cordova on Saturday has led investigators to rule the fire as arson.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department received a report of smoke emanating from 2722 Dawes Street in Rancho Cordova at 9:44 Saturday morning.

When Metro Fire crews arrived on scene they discovered an active fire to the rear of a Metro PCS store, with the building filled with smoke. Crews forced their way into the closed store and, thanks to some quick-thinking firemen, were able to use as little water as possible after establishing the type of fire.

Fire crews check the adjacent businesses to ensure the fire did not spread to other parts of the building and found only a small amount of smoke.


Metro PCS fire
Credit: Sac Metro Fire

A total of five engines responded along with two battalion chiefs and one ambulance. Crews worked together to put this fire out in a timely manner, limiting the damage to approximately $50,000. Officials believe the aggressive response by fire crews saved Metro PCS and neighboring businesses over $1 million in possible damages to inventory and property.

After thoroughly examining the burn site, the Metro Fire Investigations Team has determined that the fire was incendiary in nature and they are now looking for the person responsible for setting the fire.

Metro Fire is urging anyone with information to call the Arson TipLine at 916-859-3775.

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