Rocklin school bus driver busted for child abuse – Parents not notified

Rocklin Unified School District Credit: Google Maps

Rocklin Unified School District
Credit: Google Maps

ROCKLIN, CA – The Rocklin Unified School District is taking some heat after CBS13 reported on Thursday that district officials chose not to notify parents after a school bus driver was arrested on suspicion of molesting a child.

Earlier this month, 50-year-old Eric Deason was accused of violently sexually assaulting a child and was ultimately arrested and charged with lewd acts with a child and sodomy.

Rocklin School District officials fired Deason after learning of his arrest and decided not to notify parents of the situation. CBS13 learned about the arrest, and lack of notification, only after a tip was sent to the CBS13 news crew.

One of the potential decision makers in the situation, Assistant Superintendent Mike Garrison, explained the failed rationale to CBS13, “Every indication that we know right now is that the situation does not involve any Rocklin Unified School District students.”

Garrison also argued that Deason passed all the district’s background checks and would not go into any further details, claiming it was a personnel issue.

According to CBS13, deputies have confirmed that they do not believe the alleged victim had any connection to Deason’s job of bussing children, but the question remains, why weren’t parents notified.

Questions arise as to the investigation and why parents were not notified from a law enforcement perspective, as well as why district officials chose not to notify parents.  Informing parents could lead to other victims that may have gone unnoticed.

The Rocklin Unified School District is no stranger to Teacher abuse. Earlier this year 38-year-old Ian Runciman was arrested after allegedly providing Granite Oaks Middle School children marijuana and alcohol at his apartment.

It appears the school district has some cleaning up to do and the Placer County Sheriff’s Department needs to brush-up on their investigative skills.

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