Redfoo: A rising tennis star

Redfoo performing as LMFAO Credit: Randy Miramontez

Redfoo performing as LMFAO
Credit: Randy Miramontez

You read that right. LMFAO’s Redfoo has entered the U.S. Open National Playoffs and is ‘Party Rocking’ his way through the qualifiers.

We’re thinking he’s in it to win it.

While Redfoo made some awesome shots at the qualifiers on Wednesday he came up short, losing to Scott Gray, a recent high school graduate.

“I say it’s a success for me because the journey was so great, and I actually felt good out there,” Foo told The Californian. “The guy kicked my butt in the score, and he played great.”

The 37-year-old rapper (real name – Stefan Gordy), is best known for his outrageously big glasses, giant afro and catchy club hits like “Sexy and I Know It,” “Sorry for Party Rocking” and “Party Rock Anthem,” as him and his partner Sky Blu made up the hit duo LMFAO.

Redfoo’s father and founder of Motown records, Berry Gordy, loves tennis and had a tennis court at his Bel-Air home as Redfoo was growing up. Redfoo’s parents were such avid tennis players they even entertained some of the top tennis players at their home with the likes of Yugoslavia’s Monica Seles and Germany’s Boris Becker dropping by for a few games.

Opting for a music career after breaking a wrist in 1992, Redfoo is rethinking that decision since LMFAO’s hiatus. He has been coaching junior tennis player Ayaka Okuno and is currently dating tennis star Victoria Azarenka. Last September he hosted the first annual “Party Rock Open” in Las Vegas, which is a tournament for professional women tennis players and was sponsored by the United States Tennis Association. Protection Status



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