Woodland cats being poisoned

DSC_0142WOODLAND, CA – On Friday the Woodland Police Department was called out to Lincoln Manor Apartments on Lincoln Avenue for possible animal cruelty.

According to Woodland Police, responding officers spoke to a resident who had a cat that appeared to be poisoned.  The resident told officers that at least five cats in the complex suffered similar symptoms in the last week, and another five have gone missing in the last month.

A second resident at the same complex said five kittens disappeared from his back patio. He also stated that he found dead kittens stacked next to a dumpster.

According to Yolo County Animal Control, they recovered a cat from the Lincoln Manor apartment complex last week that succumbed to poisoning.  The Sergeant cited anti-freeze as the toxin used to poison the cat.

Anybody with information about the poisoning, attempted poisoning, or intentional killing of cats is encouraged to notify the Woodland Police Department at 530-661-7800, or Yolo County Animal Control office.

Suspects of animal cruelty and animal poisoning face felony charges, incarceration in the State prison, and a fine of $20,000.

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