Bad man visiting Roseville – Busted

Roseville Police BadgeROSEVILLE, CA – Last week an officer pulled over a vehicle with expired registration tags in the 100 block of North Sunrise Avenue in Roseville, leading to the arrest of a man believed to be involved in identity theft.

On wednesday, just after 12 a.m., Roseville Police spotted a vehicle with expired registration tags. Upon initial contact, the officer realized that the driver may have been just a tad bit on the impaired side.

Officers performed a search of, 34-year-old, Keith Andrew Workman’s vehicle and found more than what the Concord resident was hoping for.

Officers discovered everything from stolen ID’s to forged checks, including methamphetamine and paraphernalia. #winning!

Officers were able to obtain a search warrant for Workman’s nearby hotel room, leading to more stolen documents and equipment used to forge driver’s licenses and checks.

The industrious 34-year-old was arrested on suspicion of possessing stolen property, transporting methamphetamine, credit card fraud, and other related charges. Protection Status



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