Body of newborn found in Roseville park

Saugstad Park Google Maps

Saugstad Park
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ROSEVILLE, CA – The body of a newborn has been found at a park in Roseville today.

According to the Roseville Police Department, the body of a newborn baby was discovered Monday morning just before 8 o’clock at Saugstad Park. The grisly discovery was made by a work crew from the City of Roseville Parks and Recreation department.

The body of the full-term baby was wrapped in plastic bags and stuffed into a diaper box, then hidden in some bushes along a bike trail. Police did make note that the diaper box was not a box for newborn diapers, but a box for older toddlers.

The gender of the baby and cause of death were not immediately known.

Detective Darin DeFreece did say that it appears the body had been there for several days. Protection Status



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