‘The Waltons’ actor Joe Conley dies at 85

Joe Conley as Ike Godsey in 'The Waltons'

Joe Conley as Ike Godsey in ‘The Waltons’

NEWBURY, CA – Actor Joe Conley died earlier this week at a care facility in Newbury Park, Calif., at the age of 85.

Conley’s wife of 44 years made the announcement Tuesday.

Conley is best known for his role as general store owner Ike Godsey, in the CBS family drama “The Waltons.” He also appeared in six reunion movies for the show.

The New York native died Sunday in a care facility in the Thousand Oaks community of Newbury Park. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he had been battling dementia.

Conley started out as a child radio star. While attending classes he starred in plays at Loyola University and Arizona State. He also served in the Korean War.

He began his acting career on the big screen started with the 1950 film “The Sound of Fury,” he went on to appear in other movies such as, “Crime of Passion,” “Blueprint for Robbery” and “Cast Away.”

His many television credits include “Mister Ed,” “The People’s Choice,” “Lassie,” “Make Room for Daddy,” “Dragnet,” “Wanted: Dead or Alive,” “Dennis the Menace,” “Gunsmoke” and “Green Acres.”

Conley is survived by his wife and children — Kevin, Julie, Erin and Jana.

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