73 arrests at Brad Paisley concert in NY

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley performs in his Virtual Reality Tour in 2011
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DARIEN, NY – Genesee County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested 73 people at Friday night’s Brad Paisley concert in Darien, New York.

According to the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department, Friday night was bustling at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, as officers and security guards had to deal with unruly patrons, most of which were underage teens who had been drinking.

At least four people were arrested after showing fake IDs, or attempting to use someone else’s ID to purchase alcohol.

Nineteen-year-old Travis J. Sheldraky out of Dunville, Ontario was arrested for disorderly conduct after he allegedly pushed a security guard.

Deputies nabbed 22-year-old Steven M. McNally, 22 of Sanborn, NY on charges of resisting arrest, criminal possession of controlled substance,, harassment, and disorderly conduct. He refused to be taken into custody after striking another person in the parking lot. He was allegedly found to be in possession of a controlled substance. Earlier in the evening he got into a tussle with security after being ejected from the venue.

Eighteen-year-old Anna K. Rauber from Dansville, NY was arrested for trespassing after being found back inside the venue, after having been kicked out earlier by security.

Akron resident 24-year-old Ashley L. Shields was arrested for harassment after getting into a fight.

The surprising fact is, these arrests are down from two years ago when Paisley performed at the Darien Lake during his Virtual Reality Tour. Deputies netted close to 100 people during the 2011 performance.

Some of the accused:

Disorderly Conduct/Harassment

Laura R. Fetto, 21

Jacob M. Maier, 26

Stephanie C. Rosten, 19

Jacob D. Atwood , 20

Matthew H. Wrongski, 28

Jason D. Kazmierczak, 27

Paul R. Garland II, 33

Controlled substance

Ashley J. Lucas, 24


Donald W. Foit, 32

Jaerd L. Atwood, 23
Scott G. Sosnowski, 20
Thomas W. Davis, 19
Brett C. Goodrich, 19

Underage drinking
17 teens under 18 were arrested plus:
Travis S. Thurston, 20
Garrett D. Glass, 19
Morgan L. Glover, 18
Isaac Fraser, 20
Jacob D. Atwood, 20
Joseph D. Werth, 19
Jerod W. Gartner, 18
Laura E. Fisher, 20
Anthony Biuso, 20
Michael P. Clark, 19
Christine E. Rice, 19
Jessica R. Dildy, 19
Marissa L. Scumaci, 19
Krista M. Carbone, 18
Eric J. Michitsch, 20
Patrick J. Gannon, 16
Jessica M. Birecree, 20
Daniele F. Puglia, 19
James E. Nowicki Jr., 19
Kelly M. Rodems, 18
Daniel S. Kelly, 19
Elizabeth S. Fulkerson, 18
Chelsea R. Beszczynski, 18
Jonathan P. Dickinson, 18
Allison M. Martens, 18
Courtney C. Collins, 18
Jenna M. Rath, 19
Jamie D. Doelman, 19
Cory S. Blaszczyk, 18
Benjamin S. Maciewicc, 19
Lucas G. Sherman, 20
Thomas W. Davis, 19
Brett C. Goodrich, 19
Jacob T. Bement, 19
Amanda G. Hoiles, 19
Nicholas J. Maiorana, 16
Jeremy A. Banas, 19
Cody D. Vandervort, 20
Scott G. Sosnowski, 20

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