Facebook helps Placer County Sheriff’s identify suspect

Katie Ryan-Johnson  Placer County Sheriff

Katie Ryan-Johnson
Placer County Sheriff

PLACER COUNTY, CA – The Placer County Sheriff’s Department today posted a big thank you on their Facebook page after receiving numerous responses to an earlier post that led to the arrest of a woman accused of credit card fraud and more.

“Thanks to many of our Facebook followers, Katie Ryan-Johnson was arrested following tips YOU provided!” Continuing Placer County Sheriff’s wrote, “When we recently posted a surveillance photo of a woman entering a Target store and using credit cards she’d stolen from numerous cars in Auburn and Colfax. detectives received dozens of tips that immediately led them to Ryan-Johnson.”

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Placer County Sheriff’s Facebook friends shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for a thank you from Katie, but rest assured she’s snug as a bug in Placer County Jail. She was arrested on numerous charges, including burglary, theft of credit cards, forgery and identity theft.

Place County Sheriff’s said it best, “THANK YOU for taking the time to assist in this case and for being observant citizens! There is no way we can be everywhere all of the time, and it takes a partnership with you to stop crimes like this.”



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