Relentless police work leads to counterfeiting operation

100 Hundred Dollar BillsROSEVILLE, CA – A traffic stop in Roseville has led to the discovery of a major counterfeiting operation in Sacramento.

According to the Roseville Police Department a routine traffic stop has led to the shutdown of a large counterfeiting operation in Sacramento.

It all started in the early morning hours of July 12, when a Roseville Police Officer noticed a vehicle with no license plates or registration in the area of Harding and Douglas Boulevards.

When officers pulled over the vehicle they performed a search and discovered burglar tools (those things burglars use) and other suspicious items, including several suspected counterfeit $100 bills.Roseville Police Badge

Officers interviewed the occupants of the vehicle, a male and his female companion, and safely concluded that the two were up to no good. The pair were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy and possessing burglar tools. After the two were booked and released, officers discovered that the male had actually fibbed about his identity.

Once officers realized the true identity of the man who couldn’t keep up his vehicle registration, they discovered that the Auburn resident, really known as 35-year-old Bobby Louis Jones-Hanley, had an outstanding felony arrest warrant out of Sacramento County and he was also on searchable probation.


Now for the relentless part.

Roseville officers along with the Sacramento Police Department went to a home on Janice Avenue in Sacramento to re-arrest the biggest liar north of the Sacramento River. Taking advantage of the searchable probation, officers discovered $350,000 in counterfeit money, paper, printers, and other equipment consistent with a counterfeit bill-making operation. Officers notified the U.S. Secret Service, and agents responded to continue the investigation.

Jone-Hanley is now being held solidly behind bars on suspicion of forgery without bail on charges of fraud, possession of stolen property and other related charges.

Roseville Police Chief Daniel Hahn said, “I always encourage our officers to be relentless problem solvers, and this case is a great example.  First our officer stopped a suspicious car in a commercial area in the middle of the night, and found burglar’s tools.  He probably protected some of our businesses from being burglarized.  Then when the officer found out later he’d been given a bogus name, he wasn’t content to wait–he followed the suspect all the way to Sacramento that very morning to hold him accountable, and ended up finding a major counterfeiting operation.”

Many of you may be wondering who the responsible officer is. The Roseville Police Department hasn’t released his name, but we heard he wears a cape. Protection Status



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