Kid Rock rocks Wheatland

Kid Rock electrifies Sleep Train

Kid Rock electrifies Sleep Train
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WHEATLAND, CA – Kid Rock brought his “Best Night Ever” tour to Sleep Train Amphitheater in Wheatland on Wednesday.

Offering a circus type atmosphere, $20 tickets, and $4 beers, Kid Rock was able to attract 18,000 fans that were thirsty for some music and a little beer – okay a lot of beer.

Pulling into the parking area you couldn’t help but notice the many tailgaters, ranging in the hundreds, as fans braced themselves for a night of partying. Pre-drinkers were preparing for the nights events and music aficionados were calculating what the opening song would be.

There was a little something for everyone as fans strolled the premises, with half-naked women handing out Jim Beam bandanas and tattoo artists offering on-the-spot inking.

The best part for most fans appeared to be the bargain prices on beer as lines were long, but moving quickly.

Were you there? Tag yourself on Facebook!

Were you there? Tag yourself on Facebook!

When Kid Rock announced his tour he said, “Everyone knows the economy is still hurting people across the country, but I didn’t want that to be a reason why everyone couldn’t get out and enjoy themselves on a summer night.” Not certain if offering cheaper prices would mean larger crowds he said, “If this works we’re going to play to packed houses of fans who appreciate what we’re doing. If it doesn’t, might be a long summer.”

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Based on the 18,000 screaming and mostly inebriated fans packed into Sleep Train Amphitheater, I believe Kid Rock has a pretty successful model going.

Uncle Kracker

Uncle Kracker

As Uncle Kracker kicked off the concert, most of the seats were empty because many fans were still cramming into the parking lot and making their way into the amphitheater.

Dressed in a pink t-shirt and looking slim, Uncle Kracker did a crackling good job as he performed many of his hits such as “Follow Me,” “Smile,” and “Drift Away.” It’s just too bad so many fans missed his set. I heard a number of people complaining about traffic as they headed in from Redding, Chico, Roseville and Sacramento.

ZZ Top - Frank Beard's Drum set

ZZ Top – Frank Beard’s Drum set

ZZ Top almost stole the show as they came out on stage with their long beards, fancy guitars and really slick drum set. At least a third of the fans appeared to have purchased those $20 tickets, not to see Kid Rock, but to pay homage to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Billy Gibbons (guitar/vocals), Dusty Hill (bass/vocals) and Frank Beard (drums).

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ZZ Top  Dusty Hill (L) and Billy Gibbons

ZZ Top
Dusty Hill (L) and Billy Gibbons

The trio had the crowd singing from start to finish as they went through many of their hits including “Sharped Dressed Man,” and “Legs.” Fans were even singing to their newer songs like, “I Gotsta Get Paid,” off their latest album ‘La Futura.’ Surprisingly “I Gotsta Get Paid” hasn’t charted yet. It’s a very catchy tune and is bound to hit the charts at some point.

Kid Rock’s set started out with a huge $20 bill lit up in front of the stage with Kid Rock’s shadow shining where ‘ole Andrew Jackson’s head should have been. When the giant bill fell to the stage fireworks and lasers were going off as Kid Rock shot to the front of the stage and looked, for all intents and purposes, like Detroit’s answer to the Energizer Bunny.

Opening with his title track from the multi-platinum ‘Devil Without a Cause’, Kid Rock was jumping and running all over the stage as lasers were being fired in every direction.

Kid Rock as the Energizer Bunny

Kid Rock as the Energizer Bunny

Kid Rock was joined by Jimmie “Bones” Trombly (keys), Marlon Young (guitar), Jason Krause (guitar), Stefanie Eulinberg (drums), Paradime (turntables/keys), Aaron Julison (bass), David McMurray (sax), Larry Frantangelo (percussions), Shannon Curfman (guitar), Jessica Cowan-Wagner (backing vocals), Hershel C Boone (backing vocals). I may have missed a few people.

Kid Rock played to every type of fan in the audience. He played his new more mellower songs, but was quite happy to jump back into the past with his heavier metal songs like “You Never Met A Mothaf-cker Quite Like Me” and “American Badass.”

Kid Rock

Kid Rock

Jim Beam and Harley Davidson were center stage with prominently displayed videos that played during Born Free, which may have been a contributing factor to the lower priced tickets.

Kid Rock has proven himself to be an extremely versatile musician and a successful business man, as many artist struggle to fill a venue, he’s been able to do it throughout the country offering extremely competitive prices and let’s not forget the $4 beer.

Cheers to Kid Rock – I’ll drink to that!

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