Jackie Chan posts photo of La and Zy


Jackie Chan with La and Zy

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Yesterday Jackie Chan posted an undated photo of his beloved La and Zy on Facebook.

The photo appears to have been taken at TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Grauman’s Chinese Theatre). More than likely Chan took the photo with his two kids after receiving a star on the famed Hollywood Boulevard Avenue of the Stars.

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The star is actually the second for Chan, his first star apparently got up and walked away.


Jackie Chan’s new slab of love

Chan imprinted his hands, feet and nose during the dedication ceremony.

Jackie Chan is the first Asian artist to leave his prints for a second time. Chris Tucker and Jaden Smith were side by side with Chan during the ceremony.

As for La and Zy, they were not present for the ceremony, the two panda’s may have been taking in a movie inside Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

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La and Zy recently celebrated their third birthday. They were both born in London at the Famous Hamleys toy store, while Chan was visiting during the premiere of ‘Karate Kid.’

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