Bill Engvall is old

Bill Engvall Credit: Randy Miramontez

Bill Engvall
Credit: Randy Miramontez

LINCOLN, CA – Comedian and AARP member Bill Engvall brought his A-game to Thunder Valley Casino Resort on Saturday as he entertained a crowd of die-hard fans.

Engvall came out on stage to a standing ovation, jumping right into this routine. The nights fare – getting old.

Engvall came right out and let everyone know he was getting older as he just recently turned 56. Complaining he had to have knee surgery and how it would have been nice to be able to tell a really cool story, like how he came to an old ladies rescue tackling a purse snatcher, but alas he messed up his knee slipping on a wet patch of grass.

Continuing on aging, Engval said he was carded the other night – to see if he got the senior discount.


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Bill EngvallEngvall covered everything from his relationship with his wife to getting a colonoscopy – and still managed to give a very clean performance. He ended his show with a number of stories ending with the punch-line ‘Here’s your sign.’

Engvall was introduced to America back in 1992 when he was named Best Male Standup Comic at the American Comedy Awards. Soon after winning the award, he landed his first role as a series regular on the ABC series “Delta,” starring Delta Burke.

In 1996 Engvall joined fellow comic and best friend Jeff Foxworthy in the NBC version of The Jeff Foxworthy Show. That same year he signed on to Warner Bros. Records and released the first of a series of highly successful comedy albums called “Here’s Your Sign.”

Bill Engvall“Here’s Your Sign” is Envall’s signature bit where he tells the audience that stupid people should have a sign letting them know their stupid. He goes on to tell stories of people who asks really dumb questions, with Engvall answering their question in a sarcastic way, but then telling them “Here’s Your Sign.”

One such story involved his childhood friend who he referred to as a genuine redneck.  He was home to attend a funeral for Mr. Howard, when his friend drove up and asked Engvall what he was doing. Engvall replied, “We’re going to Mr. Howards funeral.” To which his friend responded, “Oh hell, did he die.” Engvall responded, “No we’re just practicing,” followed by, “Here’s your sign.”

Engvall puts on a great show with no foul language, making it one of the rarer comedians you can take your kids to see. The only problem is most of his material is geared toward the “older crowd.” Protection Status



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