Man drowns while rafting with life jacket

waterRANCHO CORDOVA, CA – The body of a man was pulled from the American River on Sunday morning, after he fell overboard while on a raft. He was wearing a life-jacket.

A man fell off the raft he was riding in along the American River in the San Juan Rapids area. Initially authorities launched a rescue effort, but soon it became a recovery effort after sighting the life-jacket the man was wearing.

According to one witness, the man was riding in the raft with several family members including children.

The area is dotted with large boulders and runs approximately 30 feet deep. Sacramento Metro Fire Battalion Chief Michael Lozano said, “He went into the water wearing a life vest and the life vest popped up, and he did not.”

Lozano told CBS10, “It sounds like they were doing everything that we ask people to do. They were wearing their life jackets when he went into the water, and it’s just unfortunate at this point, and my heart just goes out to the family” Lozano said.

The body was recovered Sunday evening. The identity of the man has not been released. Protection Status



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