Man arrested after bizarre behavior

Examining-the-BizarrePLACERVILLE, CA – A man has been arrested after entering an apartment and undressing in the resident’s bedroom on Sunday night.

According to police 29-year-old Tyler Mitchell entered through the unlocked front door of a woman’s apartment and went into her bedroom.  The woman lives with her 6-year-old child.

When the woman was startled awake, she found Mitchell undressing in her bedroom. She demanded Mitchell to leave immediately. The man got dressed and left.

According to police, the woman knew of Mitchell from previous contact around the apartment complex, but did not have any type of relationship with him.

Mitchell eventually turned himself in to police on Monday night and he was booked at the El Dorado County Jail on charges of residential burglary, indecent exposure and a violation of probation. Protection Status



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