Man attacked by shark near Humboldt Bay

waterEUREKA, CA – A man who was surfing in the ocean waters on Sunday morning near Humboldt Bay was bitten by a shark. The man only received minor injuries.

According to the Samoa Peninsula Fire District, the man was near Humboldt Bay, close to Eureka, at around 8:45 a.m. when he was attacked. The man received a  bite on his upper left thigh.

After he was bitten, he was able to paddle to shore for help. He appeared alert and conscious at the time.

Fellow surfers were able to wrap the wound and keep the man warm while waiting for emergency personnel. He was taken to a local hospital with only minor injuries.

Emergency crews had problems gaining access to the beach due to the government shutdown. A gate blocking their way had to be opened by a Bureau of Land Management caretaker. Protection Status



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