Madison Hudson shakes it up

madisonSACRAMENTO, CA- Country singer Madison Hudson is shaking things up with her latest single “Shake It Up,” which is due to drop on iTunes sometime on Sunday.

Hudson teamed up with Michael Brandt and Fat Cat Studios in Sacramento to produce this winning song. “Shake It Up” has some great lyrics along with an awesome groove.

On the single, Hudson is joined by Brandt (drums/percussions), Stinger Davin (bass), Clint Warner (guitar/banjo) and Stephany Rae (background vocals). Brandt is also responsible for writing and producing this fun song.

As Hudson belts out this catchy tune, she has on her favorite jeans and dancing boots as she heads out the door to shake it up and break it down. The song has a perfect mix of banjo and solid driving guitar. Add to that a memorable chorus and Hudson’s pristine vocals and you have a combination for a bona fide hit.

At 16, Hudson’s vocals are truly starting to mature, sounding more like woman and less like an adolescent girl, she’s hitting on all cylinders with “Shake It Up.” Hudson’s earlier singles include, “I Don’t Care,” which was released when she was only 13, “Tommy” and “Too Shy.”

Give it a listen now at Southern Dixie Radio. If you like what your hear, let Madison know on her Facebook page.

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