19 arrested in large scale indoor marijuana growing operation

EG4EG3ELK GROVE, CA – Nineteen people have been arrested for cultivating marijuana in what is being called a large-scale marijuana growing operation.

According to the Elk Grove P{olice Department, warrants were served at 20 different locations in the Elk Grove and Sacramento area, resulting in 19 arrests and nine children being placed with Child Protective Services.

The Elk Grove Police Department along with members of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, Central Valley High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (CALMET-HIDTA), Yolo Narcotics Enforcement Task Force (YONET), Yuba-Sutter Narcotic Enforcement Team (NET5) and Department of Justice: Firearms (DOJ) worked together in an investigation lasting several months, which resulted in todays arrests.

Secondary support was provided by Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), Child Protective Services (CPS) and Elk Grove Code Enforcement during todays operation.

EG2EG1For the past several months, the Elk Grove Police Department Street Crimes Unit has been conducting an investigation into a group of individuals who were responsible for a large scale indoor marijuana growing and cultivation operation.  Warrants were served at twenty locations earlier today.  During the operation, approximately 6,000 marijuana plants were recovered along with more than 180 pounds of processed marijuana.  In addition, nineteen arrests were made and over $70,000.00 in U.S. currency was seized.

Nine children between the ages of one and fifteen were located at several of the homes that had been converted into marijuana growing operations. Child protective services took custody of the children due to the fact that they were being raised in a hazardous environment.

According to a statement by the Elk Grove Police Department, homes that have been converted into marijuana growing operations typically suffer from chemical contamination as a direct result of the pesticides and fertilizers that are used during the growing process.  Due to improper ventilation, these homes typically have highly-elevated airborne levels of mold spores that could lead to significant health hazards.  In addition to electrical wiring modifications and the diversion of electricity, these homes are often characterized by exposed live wires, high-intensity light bulbs and overheated electrical ballasts, used to operate fluorescent lamps, which are all significant fire hazards.

The following individuals were arrested as a result of the warrant service and booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on charges of 11358 H&S: Cultivation of Marijuana and 11359 H&S: Possess Marijuana for Sale.  Booking photos are attached.EG5

1)     Chuong Kin DIP               09-17-1972
2)     Kenneth Kin DIP              06-14-1975
3)     Loc Trinh DIP                   08-05-1932
4)     Nhoc Kin DIP                   11-19-1968
5)     Simon Kin DIP                 11-03-1976
6)     Bao Nhit DUONG            10-10-1960
7)     Shi Lian HOANG             03-11-1957
8)     Wendy Kwun KONG        03-30-1977
9)     Eva Yong Xing LI            04-16-1971
10) Shizhen LI                        09-28-1985
11) Chen LIANG                     08-26-1989
12) Guo Hong TANG              09-28-1979
13) Shang Gui TANG             11-10-1958
14) Tam TONG                       07-30-1962
15) Pat VOONG                      08-17-1932
16) Jiarui YANG                     12-08-1951
17) Qiong Mao YE                 02-28-1960
18) Qiong Rui YE                   05-05-1966
19) Ryan Liang YE                 10-06-1987

The warrant service took place at the following locations:

1)         8600 block of Tegea Way (Elk Grove)
2)         8500 block of Madeira Ct. (Elk Grove)
3)         8600 block of Golden Sage Dr. (Elk Grove)
4)         8600 block of Mystras Circle (Elk Grove)
5)         8500 block of Zinnia Way. (Elk Grove)
6)         8700 block of Owlet Ct. (Elk Grove)
7)         8600 block of Jenrose Way (Elk Grove)
8)         8100 block of Moorhaven Way (Sacramento)
9)         7700 block of 40th Ave. (Sacramento)
10)       8200 block of Summer Falls Circle (Sacramento)
11)       7800 block of Western Port Way (Sacramento)
12)       7200 block of Hayward Dr. (Sacramento)
13)       5700 block of Wilkinson St. (Sacramento)
14)       8000 block of Maybelline Way (Sacramento)
15)       7600 block of McFergus Ct. (Sacramento)
16)       8500 block of Traynor Way. (Sacramento)
17)       8200 block of Aden Way (Sacramento)
18)       8100 block of Orange Cove Ct. (Sacramento)
19)       7700 block of McMullen Way (Sacramento)
20)       8200 block of White Sands Way (Sacramento)

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