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Concert-goer punched by security while in handcuffs

Concert-goer gets punched YouTube

Concert-goer gets punched

SACRAMENTO, CA – A concert-goer who assaulted a guard at Sunday’s concert at Discovery Park was punched by one of the guards, after being handcuffed and led away.

A video of the incident was posted to YouTube on Monday showing a concert-goer attacking a security guard who was standing in the pit. Several guards hauled the man over the barrier where he was handcuffed and led away to the side of the stage.

In the video the man is escorted by several guards to the side of the stage, when the guard, who was originally attacked by the concert-goer, starts to punch the man in the face and the back of the head.

The YouTube video was posted on Monday and appears to be shot from the stage area.

The concert was hosted by radio KSFM 102.5 and included the bands Sage The Gemini, Big Sean, Tinashe, @IAMSU, B.o.B and G-Eazy.

The fight broke out during B.o.B.’s set.

State Assemblyman Jim Cooper, a former captain with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, who once lead the security team at Arco Arena, told KCRA3 that, “Once the handcuffs go on, and they’re in custody, the fighting stops, whether it’s law enforcement or security officers.”

Daryl Liner, the owner of the security company, posted on his Facebook page, that 20,000 fans were in attendance with 104 guards and 50 police officers. In addition there were four horse and gang units present. Cameras with facial recognition were deployed at the venue, as well as a helicopter equipment with a facial recognition camera. Liner’s most notable incident at the concert was one man attempting to steal an ATM machine. The scuffle with the concert-goer was not mentioned.

Sacramento police said officers were at the event for traffic control and backup for any serious problems and that no arrests were made. Protection Status

Eddie Money drummer kicks off an up close and personal tour

Glenn performs at home

Glenn performs at home

SACRAMENTO, CA – In celebration of his upcoming fifth album “Beautiful Detours,” original Eddie Money drummer Glenn Symmonds kicked off his Living Room Detours Tour from his very own living room.

The tour will be invitation-only as Glenn entertains fans across the country.

The accomplished musician will not be performing at your typical venue either, but in a more intimate environment where friends and family can gather to hear Glenn’s original music sprinkled with stories of his years on the road with Eddie Money and the Eddie Money band.

The Living Room Detours Tour is an invitation-only house concert hosted by fans across the country. The best part? Glenn will not be charging for his performance and anyone can host the event. All he asks is to please consider a donation to help cover his time and expenses, and if you enjoy the music, pickup one or more of his CD’s or other merchandise available at the event.

If you host a party with Glenn, you can expect a 75-minute set featuring an up-close & personal musical encounter with Glenn in your very own living room! The evening includes stories behind the songs, as well as photo opportunities.

Glenn telling stories

Glenn telling stories

According to Glenn, this is his way of giving back to his fans as they have supported him throughout his music career and more recently through his fight with cancer. The house concerts will be scheduled around his tour with Eddie Money. Fans can get more information and schedule their own event by contacting Glenn directly.

As for his kick-off performance? Glenn performed for 25 to 30 friends and family with a 2 hour set that started with Cat Stevens’ “Wild World” followed by Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis.”

One of the first things that stands out when Glenn performs solo, is his guitar skills as he picks his way through the melody. The second thing you notice, is his smoky smooth vocals as he pours out his soul in every song he performs – something you wouldn’t expect from a drummer.

Glenn picked up the pace with his original song “Jump in Let’s Go,” and then “California,” another original song about his own journey from being born and raised in California to his recent return to the golden state.

Glenn performs with Eddie Money at Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Glenn performs with Eddie Money at Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Fans were treated to a couple of songs that Glenn had never performed in public before, “Waiting” and “Mary Jane Repetta.”

Sprinkled throughout his performance were stories behind songs such as “Hey Walter,” “Troubadour,” “Sailboat” and more. Glenn also shared a number of his experiences on the road with Eddie Money including the time the band left Eddie behind – You’ll have to hear that one from Glenn.

Glenn played “Little Italy” a song he co-wrote with his fiancé Tami Landrum. Towards the end of his set he played “This Town,” a song that Tami wrote.

Glenn’s musicianship, coupled with his storytelling abilities, makes his performances extremely entertaining and something you won’t want to miss, so consider hosting your very own event with Glenn.

In an era where more artists are turning to online venues to engage fans, it’s refreshing to see an artist of this caliber willing to entertain fans in the comfort of their own homes. The experience is priceless.

For Sacramento area fans, you can catch Glenn performing with Eddie Money at Thunder Valley Casino Resort on July 31st, or better yet invite Glenn over to your house!


Wild World (cover)
Walking in Memphis (cover)
Jump in Let’s Go (original)
California (original)
Waiting (original)
Hey Walter (original)
Sailboat (original)
Big Boy Now (original)
Eddie’s Almost 65 (original – Lyrics Jeff Symmonds)
Guacamole (original)
Heart of Gold (cover)
Mary Jane Repetta (original)
Folsom Prison Blues (cover)
Charlie Sheen (original)
Three Men Named Bob (original)
This Town (original – Lyrics by Tami Landrum)
Stir it Up (cover)
Here Comes the Sun (cover)
Railroad (cover)

Chaos erupts after Ace of Spades concert

Ace of SpadesSACRAMENTO, CA – At least three people were shot outside the popular concert venue, Ace of Spades, in Sacramento Friday night.

At approximately 11:20 p.m. Friday shots rang out in the 1400 block of R Street, just outside Ace of Spades. According to police, several people started shooting and at one point one person jumped onto a patrol car and started firing in the air.

Organizers hired extra security for Rapper Nipsy Hussle’s performance, so a number of officers were already on the scene.

One woman and two men were taken to a local hospital for treatment and a fourth victim drove herself to a hospital, but it is unclear if she was a shooting victim from the same location.

The two men received multiple gunshot wounds. All victims are expected to survive.

Several businesses and cars in the area were damaged by the gunfire.

According to police this was not a drive-by shooting and during their investigation several people jumped on their patrol cars, with one firing a weapon into the air.


East Brother Light Station – A Bay Area getaway

East Brother Island Click for more images

East Brother Island
Click for more images

RICHMOND, CA – East Brother Light Station is on a magical little island located between San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay and can readily be seen as you are crossing the Richmond San Rafael Bridge.

East Brother Island is the home of East Brother Light Station, which has been turned into a quaint and elegant bed and breakfast inn, entertaining 100’s of guests each year since 1980. Room rates are $315 to $425, depending on the room and day of the week. As a non-profit 501 c3, all money raised is used to sustain the island and its facilities.

The hallmark of the island is the completely restored Victorian home attached to the lighthouse, making this a light station and not your typical lighthouse. A lighthouse is singular structure. A light station is a combination of the lighthouse and outbuildings such as the keeper’s living quarters, fuel house, boathouse, and fog-signaling building.

East Brother Islands cistern and old Victorian home Click for more images

East Brother Islands cistern and old Victorian home
Click for more images

East Brother Light Station is located only 30 minutes, and a short boat ride, from San Francisco, offering up some of the best views of the San Francisco Bay. On a clear night you can see the San Francisco skyline and during the day, Mount Tamalpais – or Mount Tam for you locals. West Brother Island is a stone throw away with two similar islands called the Sisters off in the distance.

Our trip started out as all trips do to the island – we met our hosts for the weekend, Bryan and Stephanie Wesolek, who hail from San Diego, at the San Pablo Point Yacht Harbor at 4 p.m.

The harbor is about a 10 minute drive from the Richmond side of the Richmond San Rafael Bridge. You take the exit just before the toll plaza and that’s when the adventure begins. No seriously!!! The road to the harbor is in disrepair with plenty of potholes to attract your tires as you navigate your way to the harbor.

After the hair-raising drive you find yourself in the middle of San Pablo Point Yacht Harbor. What? Really, a yacht harbor? As you peruse the moored vessels in the harbor, you quickly realize there’s not a whole lotta yachts happening in the yacht harbor. There are a number of house boats and what I would call “retired yachts” docked in the harbor.

Captain Bryan and his wife Stephanie showed up just before 4 p.m., greeting their guests as if we were longtime friends. The pair offered to carry our luggage down the short ramp to the newly outfitted boat that was ready to take us to the island.

Click for a virtual tour of the island!

Click for a virtual tour of the island!

The boat was sporting two new 90 horsepower engines and we were on the island in less than 10 minutes, which was a relief for people like me who tend to get motion sickness at the drop of a hat, or the rocking of a boat. I didn’t feel queasy in the least. The longest leg of the trip was the ride through the harbor as resident dogs barked and howled and pelicans bid us farewell into the open bay waters.

When we arrived at the island it was an extremely low tide and everyone had to climb a ladder up onto the island. Depending on the tide, the climb can be anywhere from 4 to 12 feet. Anyone thinking about bringing an elderly guest should be cautioned. Also, the island cannot accommodate wheelchairs due to the climb and kids are only allowed during the day.

View of cistern and Walter Fanning building

View of cistern and Walter Fanning building

The first thing people notice as they disembark is the large dome in the center of the island. This is a cistern which collects water for use on the island. It is the only source of water on the island. During the rainy season water is collected in the cistern via the concrete and roofs, which are all setup to drain directly into the cistern, which can hold up to 50,000 gallons. The island was contemplating the purchase of water due to the drought we have been experiencing in California, but the last round of heavy storms that swept through the Bay Area put them at capacity.

The tour of the island started immediately as Bryan and Stephanie showed each guest to their room. There are five rooms available, with each room named after their view. Four of the rooms are located within the lighthouse itself and one room is located in the original Fog Signal Building. We were in the Marin Room located on the second floor of the main building. We had a great view of Marin County and West Brother Island, which was teeming with wildlife.

Within 20 minutes each guest was offered champagne and hors d’oeuvres as Bryan started talking about the long history of the island and Stephanie headed to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

A LittlePlanet of the lighthouse – Click for more images

Bryan and Stephanie had only been the caretakers of the island since October, but they both had an immense knowledge of the island and its history. Bryan’s passionate explanation of the island’s history and the surrounding area was captivating, giving guests the feeling that he lived through the early days. The caretakers of the island usually cycle through every two years.

Afterwards guests were allowed to roam the island and we could even climb into the completely functional lighthouse, which was quite blinding if you happened to look at the lens at just the wrong moment. There were plenty of books and information on the history of the island and the San Francisco Bay in general.

Dinner was spectacular as Stephanie flexed her culinary muscles. The multi-coarse gourmet dinner, complete with wine, would easily fetch any restaurant a 5-star rating. The exciting part of dinner, besides the food, was the company and the conversations with all the other guests and how they discovered East Brother Light Station.

The working foghorn on the island sounds every 20 seconds during the months of October through May and is a medium-pitched electric horn. Some guests didn’t even hear it through the night and others found it “soothing.” If you are a light sleeper be warned.

Plenty of wildlife

Plenty of wildlife

Our hosts were accommodating in every way. In fact, when Bryan found out we were early risers he was up and had coffee ready for us by 5:30 a.m., typically coffee is served much later. Thanks Bryan!!

After breakfast, which earned another 5-stars, guests headed over to the Walter Fanning building to get a tour of the fog horn. Bryan discussed at length the various lenses used throughout the life of the lighthouse and went into great detail about the original steam driven foghorn and how it was eventually converted to an air-compressed unit.

When it came time to power up the foghorn, Bryan enlisted the help of some of the guests to fire-up the engines, with levers, pulleys and buttons needing to be engaged. When the foghorn sounded, everyone in the area could hear it and anyone on the island could feel it as the sound reverberated throughout one’s body.

Many people who stay, come back on their volunteer days which are usually the second Saturday of the month. Sign up early because slots are limited and fill up quickly. You can find more information here.

We had a wonderful time on the island with the other guests and our hosts Bryan and Stephanie. I’d like to thank both of them for their great food and company.

I highly recommend this Bay Area getaway to anyone interested in escaping the daily grind.

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Panorama of East Brother Island

Panorama of East Brother Island –  Click for prints

Check out these LittlePlanets of East Brother Island!!
_DSC2227 Panorama-LittlePlanet_DSC2214 Panorama-LittlePlanet_DSC2194 Panorama-LittlePlanet_DSC2179 LittlePlanetFINAL_DSC2288 Panorama-LittlePlanet_DSC2274 Panorama-LittlePlanet

Peter Frampton loses his cool – throws fan’s phone

Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton
You’d better put that camera away – or else!

CARMEL, INDIANA – Last Sunday night (August 3) at the Palladium in Carmel, legendary guitarist Peter Frampton lost his composure after a concert goer refused to stop taking video of his performance.

We’ve all been there. You’ve been patiently waiting to see your favorite band perform, and when the moment finally arrives, everyone around you stands up. You also stand up so you can at least get a glimpse of the performer and cheer them on, but wait! All of a sudden there are phones popping up all around you, as fans start taking pictures or video. Worse, there’s an iPad or two.

You’d have to be taller than basketball legend Manute Bol to see over the sea of hardware!

You won’t have that worry at a Peter Frampton concert.

Fan records concert on cell phone

Fan records concert on cell phone

Before Frampton’s show that fateful night, fans were informed that there would be no flash photography or video allowed. However, that didn’t stop one couple who were armed with a camera and smartphone, as the pair continued to shoot videos and snap photos throughout the concert – worse, they were asked to stop by security as wells as Frampton himself.

According to Onstage Magazine, Frampton was gesturing to the couple to stop as he was “frantically” looking for security. He became frustrated and turned his back on audience members and continued playing to try and make a point.

When someone from the venue finally told the couple to stop, they did, but that didn’t last long.

At one point the man flipped Frampton off and turned to the audience and yelled, “Deadbeats!”

Oh no!! Fan records concert on an iPad

Oh no!! Fan records concert on an iPad

During “Do You Feel Like We do,” Frampton had had enough and stormed off stage, only to reappear in the audience. As he approached the offending couple he asked to see the pictures they had been taking. When the couple handed him their cell phone he spun around and flung the phone as far as he could towards the back of the stage. Fans erupted in cheers.

Frampton tweeted later that the cell phone survived the incident. Fans also tweeted in support of his behavior.

While I believe the couple got what was coming to them, I have to disagree with Frampton’s stance on cell phone usage and his behavior. Yes, I would have been cheering him on too, but that doesn’t excuse that type of behavior, not to mention there are laws out there protecting even stupid people and their phones.

Mike Love of The Beach Boys embraces the technology

Mike Love of The Beach Boys embraces the technology

I know some artists consider it distracting to themselves and fans that paid good money to be there, but what about those people standing next to you with their beer raised high, as they dance around splashing the golden liquid all over everyone except themselves? I don’t see anyone trying to stop them and that’s annoying as hell!

What about that time when you looked around and everyone in the venue is seated except for the jerks in front of you and all you get to see is their plumbers butt!

Other artists consider their images sacred and will do anything and everything to protect their images from would be photo takers. They fear that someone may actually make some coin off of those precious photos. There’s simply no money being made on those pictures, unless there happens to be a wardrobe malfunction, or you get a great video of someone like Peter Frampton chucking someone’s phone backstage. Now that would be priceless.

If Frampton is serious he needs to have his peeps trolling the venue for offenders. I recently witnessed a fight break out when one artist, who will remain nameless, had his management team out in the audience shutting people down, only to have a fight breakout – yes some people will fight back when you grab their cell phone. Frampton was lucky.

Then there are those artists who embrace the technology and take selfies of themselves and the audience, or encourage fans to take their pictures and post them on social networking sites. And my favorite – having everyone with a cell phone turn them on at the same time – Those are the moments fans will cherish and remember, and it makes for a pretty cool picture.

At the end of the day there will always be inconsiderate people out there, especially at a concert. Expect it, plan for it, but don’t react to it – they love it when you do that.

By the way, the rude and inconsiderate couple may actually make some serious coin from their photos, all thanks to Frampton himself.

New Edition at Thunder Valley Casino

New Edition (LR) Michael Bivins, Johnny Gill, Ricky Bell, Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant and Ronnie DeVoe

New Edition
Click for more images

Ricky Bell Click for more images

Ricky Bell
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LINCOLN, CA – New Edition pulled out all the stops as they performed to a sellout crowd at Thunder Valley Casino’s Summer Concert Series on Friday in support of their 2014 Reunion Tour.

The boy band that, for good or bad, paved the way for other boy bands such as New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men and Backstreet Boys, came to Thunder Valley Casino armed with original band members Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ronnie DeVoe, and Ralph Tresvant. Longtime member, Johnny Gill joined the group as well. Gill was brought in to fill the void left after Brown decided to pursue a solo career back in 1985.

Ronnie DeVoe Click for more images

Ronnie DeVoe
Click for more images

As the sun started to descend and the mercury level was still north of the century mark, all six members of New Edition made a dramatic entrance as they walked out to center stage. The color for the night was white as the stairs they descended were painted white along with a white flowing curtain in back and on both sides of the stage, making for some great lighting affects as the night took over.

New Edition started their set off with “Once in a Lifetime Groove” and “N.E. Heartbreak” with everyone in the audience on their feet.

After their first two songs, Bell, Bivins and Devoe took over the stage as their own successful group known as Bell Biv Devoe, singing their hits “B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me)?,” “When Will I See You Smile Again?” and “Do Me!”

Michael Bivins

Michael Bivins

Brown followed the energetic trio with his original hits “Don’t be Cruel,” “On Your Own” and “Good Enough.” Brown fell short with his vocals and it almost felt as if he was simply going through the motions, but the crowd didn’t seem to mind.

Brown, ex-husband of the late singer Whitney Houston, has had a troubled past and it appears he is continuing to battle his demons. He started out the tour earlier this year only to drop out to recover from an “undisclosed medical issue.”

Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown

In a statement, the 45-year-old Brown said, “I apologize to the fans of New Edition. I really wanted to be with my brothers, but presently I am unable to give fans what they typically expect from New Edition.”

The unexpected departure of Brown followed a show in Mississippi when Brown, who was visibly winded during a performance of “If It Isn’t Love,” abruptly left the stage before the end of the song.

He recently came back to the tour to play the final six shows of the Reunion tour.

Johnny Gill

Johnny Gill

Tresvant turned things around with the ladies as he took center stage with his shirt open and performed his hit “Sensitivity,” followed by “When I need Somebody” and “Money Can’t Buy You Love.” He finished his set with “Stone Cold Gentleman” and “Sex-O.” During his set Tresvant brought a couple of lucky ladies on stage to sing to.

New Edition

Ralph Tresvant

Not to be left out, Johnny Gill popped up on stage and performed a number of his hits including, “Fairweather Friend,” “There U Go,” “My Body” and finishing up with “Transition.” Gill was tossing out roses during his solo performance.

The original five members followed Johnny and performed a number of songs including “Candy Girl” and “Telephone Man.”

They ended the show with Brown’s “My Prerogative,” Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” and New Edition’s “If It isn’t Love.”

VH1’s ‘That Metal Show’ thrashes Thunder Valley Casino

Hosts of That Metal Show with Anthrax

Hosts of That Metal Show with Anthrax
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LINCOLN, CA – VH1’s ‘That Metal Show’ paid a visit to Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s outdoor amphitheater on Friday with Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine emceeing the most headbanging event in the history of Thunder Valley’s Summer Concert Series.

James Hart of Burn Halo

James Hart of Burn Halo
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Headlining the show was legendary heavy metal band Anthrax. They were joined by Living Colour, Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) and Sacramento’s own Burn Halo.

It was an epic beginning with Burn Halo taking front and center stage as the temperature hovered at the 110 degree mark.

Leading the charge were founding members James Hart (vocals) and Joey Roxx (guitar), with newest members Ryan Frost (guitar), Chris Bishop (bass), Johnny Badbones (drums).

Burn Halo tore it up for about 30 minutes as Hart flexed his guttural death growl and performed their latest single “Wolves of War.” For those that missed Burn Halo’s performance you’ll get a chance to see them as they perform at this year’s Monster Energy’s Aftershock in Sacramento’s Discovery Park in September.

Joey Roxx of Burn Halo

Joey Roxx of Burn Halo
Click for more photos

Following Burn Halo was the multi-talented Corey Taylor who has fronted not one, but two bands, written a couple of books and has a fantasy comic book series entitled “House of Gold & Bones,” titled after Stone Sour’s albums ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 1’ and ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 2.’

Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour)

Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour)
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Taylor was joined on stage by – nobody. Armed with a guitar and his smooth vocals Taylor showed fans what heavy metal was like unplugged, as he kicked off his acoustical set with Stone Sour’s “Bother.” He followed up with a haunting cover of Chris Isaaks “Wicked Games,” with many of the women cheering him on.

It was obvious at the onset why fans refer to Taylor as “The Great Big Mouth,” as he mesmerized the crowd with his guttural sound one minute, and his smokey smooth vocals the next.

Taylor ended his performance with a medley of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and the Misfits explaining to the audience, “Somebody told me you can’t go from Johnny Cash to Elvis Presley to the Misfits and I said, ‘F#ck you, I’ll make it work’.” He started off with Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues,” followed by Elvis Presley’s “Mystery Train,” finishing off with the Misfit’s “American Nightmare,” leaving the audience on their feet. Talyor definitely garnered some new fans and, according to some, won the night with his performance – Just don’t let any Anthrax fans hear you say that!

Vernon Reid (L) and Dough Wimbish of Living Colour

Vernon Reid (L) and Dough Wimbish of Living Colour
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Living Colour followed with their fusion of jazz, funk, hip hop, hard rock, and heavy metal. Lead singer Corey Glover was joined by Vernon Reid (guitar), Will Calhoun (drums) and Doug Wimbish (bass).

Glover was exceptional as the group weaved through their various hits throughout the years including a few covers.

Joey Belladonna of Anthrax

Joey Belladonna of Anthrax
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Living Colour mixed it up as they performed everything from a funky tune like “Type,” to heavy metal with the likes of “Go Away,” and then on to a more traditional rock song with “Ignorance is bliss.” They ended their set with a blistering rendition of James Browns “Sex Machine.”

As the stage grew dark and the fog moved in on the stage, red lights flickered on, lighting the way for Anthrax to take the stage as the crowd roared in anticipation of the legendary band.

Lead singer Joey Belladonna was joined by Scott Ian (guitar), Frank Bello (bass), Charlie Benante (drums) and the newest addition Jonathan Donais (guitar).


Click for more photos

Anthrax, one of the pioneers of Thrash Metal, started their set appropriately with “Caught in a Mosh,” as head-bangers united, bobbing their heads and shaking their fists. They followed up with “Got the Time.”

Just prior to starting up “Indian,” Belladonna started telling the crowd to get up and dance, as he yelled, “Can we get a f#cking war dance in this sh*t.” Telling fans to move the chairs out of the way, which has got to be the first time Thunder Valley Casino has experienced a mosh pit at one of their outdoor concerts. I was expecting to see some crowd surfing, but the chairs prevented fans from getting close enough together to successfully pull it off – that was probably a good thing.

A few guards moved in to remove some discarded chairs and then stood at the ready to breakup any potential fights as fans started slamming into each other in the front row.

The 53-year-old Belladonna’s vocals were spot on as he thrashed about the stage with the entire group putting on a high-energy show for fans, ending their set with “I Am the Law” and “Antisocial.”

Many fans were disappointed with the short amount of time Anthrax spent onstage and would have like to have heard some of their early music. Regardless fans loved the show and left wanting more.


George Benson brings smooth jazz to Lincoln

George Benson Click for more images

George Benson
Click for more images

LINCOLN, CA – Thunder Valley Casino Resort brought fans a dichotomy of music over the weekend as That Metal Show brought the heavy metal sounds on Anthrax of Friday and then the smooth jazz sound of George Benson and Chris Botti on Saturday.

Read: VH1’s That Metal Show thrashes Thunder Valley

Grammy Award winning Chris Botti opened the show armed with his trumpet and a stellar crew consisting of Caroline Campbell (violin), Richie Goods (bass), Billy Kilson (drums), Sy Smith (vocals), George Komsky (vocals).

Chris Botti Click for more images

Chris Botti
Click for more images

Botti’s set was a continual sea of melodic change as Campbell would jump in with her violin and vocals were changed up with Smith and Komsky.

Smith even played the finger buttons on the trumpet while the 51-year-old Botti was blasting away. Soon after, the pair made their way into the audience where Botti serenaded fans and took a few selfies.

Botti and crew were rewarded with a standing ovation after their performance. Botti could have easily have been the headliner for this show.

Caroline Campbell Click for more images

Caroline Campbell
Click for more images

George Benson, another Grammy Award winner, was greeted with audience members jumping and cheering on the 71-year-old as he took center stage with his guitar firmly in hand.

The jazz guitarist then went on to perform many of his hits including “Turn Your Love Around,” “Give Me the Night” and “On Broadway.”

Benson’s vocals may not be as smooth as they were compared to his younger days, but the older, gravelly sound blended in nicely for most of his songs, but Benson really shined during his guitar solos.


The Go Go’s take on Thunder Valley

The Go Go's Perform at Thunder Valley Casino

The Go Go’s Perform at Thunder Valley Casino

LINCOLN, CA – The 80s were back at Thunder Valley Casino Resort as the Replay America tour arrived featuring the Go Go’s, Patty Smyth of Scandal, Martha Davis and The Motels and Naked Eyes featuring Pete Byrne.

Pete Byrne of Naked Eyes

Pete Byrne of Naked Eyes

The show kicked off at 6:30 p.m., a full half hour later than planned. Originally Cutting Crew was to be on the tour, but they had problems getting Visas issued in time to make the tour.

Opening the evening was Naked Eyes with founding member Pete Byrne. Fellow founding member Rob Fisher passed away in the late 90s.

Byrne started his three song set with “In the Name of Love,” followed by “Promises Promises.” When he announced that the next song would be his last, there were some boos from the crowd. Fans were rewarded with Naked Eyes biggest hit “Always Something There to Remind Me.”

Martha Davis of The Motels

Martha Davis of The Motels

During Byrne’s set there were times when you could hear the young voice belting out the lyrics, but for the most part, his vocals were spotty. The crowd didn’t seem to mind as Byrne’s onstage antics brought the crowd to life, despite the hot and humid weather.

Patty Smyth

Patty Smyth

Martha Davis and the Motels were up next, starting with “Suddenly Last Summer.” Sax man Marty Jourard joined Davis onstage for “Remember the Nights.” Davis and Jourard did a superb job, but the audience seemed to lose interest. It’s difficult to pull out the sax when the sun is still blazing in the sky. The song is better suited for those intimate, dimly lit, moments.

Davis turned it around as she continued with “Take the L” and finished off her set with “Only The Lonely.”

Patty Smyth (L) and Kieth Mack take a selfie

Patty Smyth (L) and Kieth Mack take a selfie

Patty Smyth took the stage and kicked her set off with “Hands Tied.” Smyth immediately introduced guitarist Keith Mack and then proceeded to take selfies with Mack and the audience as a backdrop.

Smyth continued interacting with fans throughout her set. After her finale “Goodbye to You,” Smyth thanked everyone for being there and said, “Lincoln, California! We love your asses!”

Belinda Carlisle of The Go Go's

Belinda Carlisle of The Go Go’s

The Go Go’s took the stage as Pink’s “Get the Party Started” was playing in the background. Leading the pack was Belinda Carlisle (vocals), followed by Charlotte Caffey (guitar), Jane Wiedlin (guitar) and Gina Schock (drums) and Abby Davis (bass). Davis replaced original member Kathy Valentine. Valentine recently split from the band after an argument over royalties.

Charlotte Caffey of The Go Go's

Charlotte Caffey of The Go Go’s

When the Go Go’s hit the stage singing “Vacation,” the audience came to their feet and most fans remained standing throughout their performance.

They followed up with several hits from their album “Beauty and the Beast,” with Wiedlin complaining about Taylor Swift having the market on songs about past boyfriends, when the Go Go’s have been doing it for decades.

Jane Wiedlin of The Go Go's

Jane Wiedlin of The Go Go’s

Carlisle was able to squeeze one of her solos into the mix singing her 1986 hit “Mad About You.”

The Go Go’s kept the audience fully engaged and at one point Schock left her post behind the drums to invite a number of audience members up onstage as the band performed their cover of the 1960’s hit “Cool Jerk.”

Gina Schock of The Go Go's

Gina Schock of The Go Go’s

Pandemonium broke out as the band started up “Our Lips are Sealed,” with many audience members believing this was their closing song.

For their encore the Go Go’s played “Johnny are You Queer” and “Head Over Heels.”





Audience members onstage with The Go Go's

Audience members onstage with The Go Go’s



Thunder Valley Casino’s Summer Concert Series is in full swing. This Friday That Metal Show, featuring Anthrax, thrashes its way to Thunder Valley and on Saturday George Benson and Chris Botti quiet things down a bit with little bit of jazz.

Urinetown reigns in Rocklin

Cast of Urinetown

Cast of Urinetown
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ROCKLIN, CA – On July 10 Urinetown, the edgy and oft-times hilarious award winning musical, opened at the Finnish Temperance Hall in Rocklin. Presented by the Rocklin Community Theatre the show continues through July 20.

You can still purchase tickets!

The Tony Award winning musical is a tale of love, greed, and revolution. The show is set in a town plagued by a 20-year drought, where water has become so scarce that private toilets have become unthinkable. At the mercy of a single dominating corporation who maintains a monopoly on the town’s public amenities, the destitute citizens must pay towering taxes and fines to carry out their most private and basic of needs. Out of the mass of the pitiable, a hero rises to lead his fellow citizens against the tyrannical regime.

Tanner Kane (R) and Olivia Freer

Tanner Kane (R) and Olivia Freer

The timing for the show couldn’t be better, as California faces an unprecedented drought. Lucky for the audience, cast member’s timing was perfect as they delivered punch lines, facial expressions, and an occasional “Gasp!” at just the right moment, causing quite a few guffaws to be issued from the crowd.

Director Ryan Adame and crew couldn’t have picked a more stellar cast with Tanner Kane and Olivia Freer leading the charge. Kane filled the role of the dashing Bobby Strong and Freer played the ravishingly beautiful Hope Cladwell.

Genevieve Schloesser (R) and Jordan Mata

Genevieve Schloesser (R) and Jordan Mata

Opening the show was Officer Lockstock, played by Jordan Mata, and street urchin Little Sally, played by Genevieve Schloesser. The two set the stage as they talk about Urinetown and the results of a 20-year drought. Both Mata and Schloesser added comical relief throughout the performance and the two played well off each other.

Jake Romero played the role of Caldwell B. Cladwell, the evil president and owner of the Urine Good Company and Hanna Hensley played Penelope Pennywise, warden of the poorest and filthiest urinal in town.

(LR) Emily Masnica, Jake Romero, Olivia Freer and Michaela Rappa

(LR) Emily Masnica, Jake Romero, Olivia Freer and Michaela Rappa

While the cast had perfect timing so did the orchestra with musical director Cynthia Cates leading the team. The orchestra consisted of Cynthia Cates (piano), Robbie Wanamaker (drums), Matt Kilbourne (bass), Tim Sanders (reed) and Matt Koutney (trombone).

What stood out for me is the musical talents of each and every cast member. Everyone’s vocals were spot on bringing this performance to a level not generally seen in a small community theater.

Hannah Hensley

Hannah Hensley




You don’t want to miss this show!! You can purchase tickets for their upcoming performances online at Rocklin Community Theatre. Shows are scheduled for this Thursday, July 17, through Sunday, July 20.





Tanner Kane

Tanner Kane

The cast of characters included:

Character Actor
Bobby Strong Tanner Kane
Hope Cladwell Olivia Freer
Caldwell B. Cladwell Jack Romero
Penelope Pennywise Hannah Hensley
Little Sally Genevieve Schloesser
Officer Lockstock Jordan Mata
Officer Barrel Brett Young
Senator Fipp Emily Masnica
Joseph “Old Man” Strong Aaron Cain
Josephine Strong Claire Quillen
Little Becky Two Shoes Lea Mano
Tiny Tom Tyler Schloesser
Soupy Sue Michaela Rappa
Robbie the Stockfish Cayley Harper
Mr. McQueen Sierra Nevin



RCT Presents UrinetownAbout Rocklin Community Theatre (from their website)

Rocklin Community Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit theatre company.

We produce a yearly season of at least six shows. Our shows feature children, high schoolers, and adults. We produce both musical theatre standards like South Pacific and Oklahoma!, and “new classics” like Jekyll and Hyde and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

In addition to producing a yearly season of shows that showcase local talent, RCT offers classes for children, teens, and adults. Classes focus on skills, like acting, singing, and dancing. Students develop performance abilities, make new friends, and build self-confidence.

Thanks to our partnership with the City of Rocklin, we are privileged to rehearse and perform at the historic Finnish Temperance Hall. Finn Hall has been the home of theatre programs in Rocklin since 1994.

RCT endeavors to help improve the quality of life in our surrounding community. We are actively involved with the Downtown Rocklin redevelopment program and we look for opportunities to create partnerships with downtown area businesses. RCT believes bringing vibrancy back to Downtown Rocklin is essential, and we are thrilled to be a part of the effort.

Although providing a community theatre program is the core of what we do, RCT has a vision for much more. We are always looking for new program opportunities, new sources of financial support, and new ways to partner with the community.

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