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Stockton hit and run leaves victim clinging to life

Felicia Marie Atad Stockton PD

Felicia Marie Atad
Stockton PD

STOCKTON, CA – A woman was critically injured on Thursday after being hit by a hit and run driver, who was later apprehended.

According to the Stockton Police Department, a 59-year-old woman was hit while crossing the street at the intersection of Hazelton Avenue and Pilgrim Street in the Park District at just after 6 p.m. Thursday.

The unidentified woman was crossing Pilgrim St. from the park when she was struck by a vehicle driven by 39-year-old Felicia Marie Atad.

After hitting the victim, Atad got out of her car and dislodged the woman from underneath her vehicle and then sped off. The victim was transported to a local hospital and is currently listed in critical condition, with a low chance of survival.

Later that night officers responded to a call regarding a vehicle driving recklessly in the area of Miner Ave and California Street. The vehicle description matched that of the suspect vehicle involved in the hit and run from earlier that evening.

When officers arrived in the area they located the suspect vehicle with Atad sitting behind the wheel. She was arrested for hit and run and DUI.

Three people arrested for Turlock drive-by shooting

Leonardo Ortiz  Turlock PD

Leonardo Ortiz
Turlock PD

Jose Ortiz Turlock PD

Jose Ortiz
Turlock PD

TURLOCK, CA – Three people have been arrested in connection with a drive-by shooting that occurred back in June.

According to the Turlock Police Department, investigators along with the Special Weapons and Tactics Team, served two search warrants on Wednesday related to the investigation of a drive-by shooting that occurred in the 600 block of Birchwood on June 23, 2013.

The first search warrant was served at approximately 7:20 a.m. in the 1100 block of Almaden Way in Modesto. Officers arrested 20-year-old Leonardo Ortiz and 22-year-old Jose Ortiz, both from Patterson, on charges stemming from the drive-by shooting.

The second search warrant was served at approximately 4:00 p.m. in the 600 block of Pine Creek Dr., in Patterson. Investigators recovered two stolen firearms, marijuana, evidence of marijuana sales and cultivation and approximately $2,000.00 in cash. Officers discovered another two pounds of marijuana inside Leonardo Ortiz’s vehicle.

Juan Carlos Alvarez Turlock PD

Juan Carlos Alvarez
Turlock PD

Leonardo and Jose Ortiz were booked at the Stanislaus County Jail for discharging a firearm in a gross and negligent manner stemming from the original drive-by shooting, sales and cultivation of marijuana and possession of stolen property as a result of the search warrant.

On Thursday morning, 32-year-old Juan Carlos Alvarez of Turlock was arrested in downtown Modesto by Turlock Police Department Investigators. He was also booked on a charge of discharging a firearm in a gross and negligent manner.

Anyone with information regarding the suspect is urged to contact Detective Tim Redd at (209) 664-7325.

The Turlock Police Department is an active participant in the Crime Stoppers Program. Callers can leave an anonymous tip by calling Crime Stoppers at (209) 521-4636 and may be eligible for a cash reward.

To receive more detailed, up-to-date information directly from the Turlock Police Department via e-mail, register for “Nixle” alerts at www.Nixle.com or more directly at https://local.nixle.com/register/. Or, text your zip code to 888777 to receive text alerts only.

Facebook helps Placer County Sheriff’s identify suspect

Katie Ryan-Johnson  Placer County Sheriff

Katie Ryan-Johnson
Placer County Sheriff

PLACER COUNTY, CA – The Placer County Sheriff’s Department today posted a big thank you on their Facebook page after receiving numerous responses to an earlier post that led to the arrest of a woman accused of credit card fraud and more.

“Thanks to many of our Facebook followers, Katie Ryan-Johnson was arrested following tips YOU provided!” Continuing Placer County Sheriff’s wrote, “When we recently posted a surveillance photo of a woman entering a Target store and using credit cards she’d stolen from numerous cars in Auburn and Colfax. detectives received dozens of tips that immediately led them to Ryan-Johnson.”

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Placer County Sheriff’s Facebook friends shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for a thank you from Katie, but rest assured she’s snug as a bug in Placer County Jail. She was arrested on numerous charges, including burglary, theft of credit cards, forgery and identity theft.

Place County Sheriff’s said it best, “THANK YOU for taking the time to assist in this case and for being observant citizens! There is no way we can be everywhere all of the time, and it takes a partnership with you to stop crimes like this.”



Man dies at JFK International while first responders are locked out

JFK International JFK Website

JFK International
JFK Website

NEW YORK, NY – Emergency responders tried to reach a man who had suffered a heart attack at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday, and were unable to come to his rescue after their card keys would not open an access door. The man died on the way to the hospital.

According to the New York Post, 50-year-old Gunseye Adekunle died of a heart attack Monday after emergency personnel were unable to enter through secured doors.

Two separate teams of medical personnel tried in vain to gain entry to the area located in the Delta Terminal. Their ID cards failed to open the doors located in the newly renovated terminal that cost $1.4 billion to renovate.

It all started early Monday morning around 6:30, when police received a 911 call that someone was unconscious, but breathing.

The Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) ambulance was dispatched, but unable to enter through the terminal doors from the street. The fire department (FDNY) attempted entry with the assistance of a police officer that also had an ID card, which also failed to open the doors.

“Seconds are critical when responding to a cardiac event,” an anonymous source familiar with the incident told the New York Post. “And unfortunately, unnecessary obstacles take away those critical seconds and possibly a patient’s fighting chance.”

PAPD personnel were finally able to gain entry, but lacked the medical equipment to assist Adekunle. Meanwhile the FDNY team was still trying to gain access from another location.

PAPD decided to transport Adekunle to Jamaica Hospital, but he died in the ambulance.

The newly renovated Delta Terminal was completed at a cost of $1.4 billion in May and boasted the latest in security technology.

Mutilated kitten found in Roseville

Credit: Placer SPCA

Credit: Placer SPCA

ROSEVILLE, CA – The Placer SPCA is nursing a mutilated kitten back to health after a Roseville resident discovered the feline.

According to Roseville Animal Control, the kitten was found by a local resident in the area of Vernon Street and Cirby Way on July 9.

Someone viciously chopped off the tip of the kitten’s ears and glued them back on, plus the whiskers appeared to be burned off.

In a press release Placer SPCA CEO Leilani Fratis said, “The person responsible for this needs to be found,” she went on to add, “In my opinion, they are dangerous not only to animals, but potentially to people.”

The kitten was taken to Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital Pet Emergency Center, where the kitten was treated and released into the care of Placer SPCA.

The director of Veterinary services Doctor Barb Jones said the kitten is in shock and is having to be hand fed. The kitten remains under close supervision.kitten2

Placer SPCA remains optimistic that the kitten will survive.

According to PETA acts of animal cruelty are a sign of a deep mental disturbance. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of animal cruelty move on to their fellow humans. “Murderers … very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids,” says Robert K. Ressler, who developed profiles of serial killers for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He adds, “These are the kids who never learned it’s wrong to poke out a puppy’s eyes.”

A survey of psychiatric patients who had repeatedly tortured dogs and cats found that all of them had high levels of aggression toward people. Another study in Australia revealed that “100 percent of sexual homicide offenders examined had a history of animal cruelty.” – 100 percent!

kitten3There are documented cases where murderers started out with animal cruelty. High school killers such as Kip Kinkel in Springfield, Oregon, and Luke Woodham, in Pearl, Mississippi, tortured animals before starting their shooting sprees. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer impaled frogs, cats, and dogs’ heads on sticks. Dennis Rader (the BTK killer), who terrorized people in Kansas, wrote in a chronological account of his childhood that he hanged a dog and a cat.

So yes, Fratis is correct – the person(s) responsible need to be found, and quickly.

The Placer SPCA is offering a $1,000 reward leading to the arrest of the person or people responsible for this crime.

Please anyone with any information should call the Roseville Police Department at (916)774-5000, extension 1.

Daughter stabs mom to death

Ana Maria Bejenariu  Placer County Sheriff

Ana Maria Bejenariu
Placer County Sheriff

SHERIDAN, CA – A daughter is in custody today after stabbing her mother to death in the town of Sheridan.

sheridanAccording to the Placer County Sheriff’s Department, deputies responded to a home on Andressen Road at around 1 p.m. Wednesday for a reported domestic dispute.

When deputies arrived they discovered 61-year-old Maria Bejenariu who had been stabbed. She was transported to Sutter Roseville Medical Center, where she later died.

Detectives arrested the victim’s daughter, 31-year-old Ana Maria Bejenariu. She’s been book on murder charges and is being held at the Placer County Jail in Auburn.

Alert citizen helps nab burglars in Roseville


Ryan Tuccelli
Roseville PD


William Bird
Roseville PD

ROSEVILLE, CA – Roseville Police took a two men into custody on outstanding warrants and burglary charges Wednesday after receiving a call about suspicious activity in the area of South Cirby and Oakmont High School.

An alert citizen contacted Roseville police just before 8 a.m., after observing two men exhibiting suspicious behavior in the 1700 block of Chelsea Way. Two men appeared to have been running, scratched up and one was carrying a backpack.

With the assistance of neighboring agencies, Roseville Police began searching the neighborhood around Oakmont High School. Officers located 28-year-old Tyler William Bird and 26-year-old Ryan Cameron Tuccelli, both of North Highlands, on Daisy Court and took them both into custody on outstanding warrants.

Bird was arrested on suspicion of possessing stolen property and burglar’s tools.  He’s resting well in the Placer County Jail on $25,000 bail.

Tuccelli was arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen property and violation of parole.  He’s also resting well in the Placer County Jail, but he’s being held without bail.

Officers were able to locate the backpack that one of them was carrying. The backpack contained, what is believed to be, stolen property.

Anyone in the south Cirby or nearby Citrus Heights neighborhood who has been the victim of a theft or vehicle burglary this morning is asked to call Roseville Police at (916)774-5000, extension 1.

Sacramento Homicide investigation leads to officer involved shooting

Police-lightsSACRAMENTO, CA – Officers opened fire on an armed man who is a suspect in a homicide investigation this morning in South Sacramento sending the suspect to the hospital.

Sacramento Police spokesman Officer Doug Morse said two plain clothed detectives were investigating a recent homicide when they spotted two men, one man was pushing a stroller with a small child and the other man matched the description of the suspect in the homicide case. The two men were walking on the sidewalk in the 7100 block of Elder Creek Road.

Detectives identified themselves to the pair and commanded them to stop. The man with the stroller complied, while the homicide suspect took off running.

Officers gave chase and quickly caught up to the subject and attempted to physically subdue him.  A struggle ensued and that was when officers realized the man was armed with a handgun. Fearing for their safety and the safety of the public, the two detectives fired at the subject striking him at least once.

The suspect suffered non-life threatening injuries and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

According to Morse, no officers were shot during the incident. One officer did receive minor abrasions, but refused treatment.

The child was returned to family members and the other man was taken in to custody for questioning.

Information around the homicide investigation, including the identity of the suspect, is being withheld to maintain the integrity of that investigation.

First Rocklin murder in 6 years may have been self-defense

Zachary Raymond Kachmar  Rocklin PD

Zachary Raymond Kachmar
Rocklin PD

ROCKLIN, CA – The 19-year-old man arrested last weekend in connection with an argument gone bad has been released from custody.

The case is currently under review by the Placer County District Attorney’s Office and the Rocklin Police Department. They are working closely together to determine if any charges will be brought against the Zachmar.

Prosecutors believe that Kachmar may have acted in self-defense without criminal intent.

The Rocklin Police Department received a call just after 10 p.m. Saturday about a man being stabbed. When officers arrived they found 51-year-old Robert Earl Vickney, Jr. inside a home on Swan Court bleeding from a stab wound to the chest.

Medics transported him to Sutter Roseville Medical Center where he died a short time later.

Detectives were able to determine that an argument broke out between the victim and 20-year-old Zachary Raymond Kachmar of Rocklin. The argument started during a party at the home and when the argument turned ugly, Kachmar stabbed the victim in the chest with a pocket knife.

Home of stabbing Google Maps

Home of stabbing
Google Maps

Kachmar was originally scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday. According to the District Attorney, the arraignment has been continued to July 29.

On Sunday morning authorities had said Kachmar would be facing a murder charge in Vickney’s death.

Kachmar knew Vickney and was friends with his son.

Turlock couple arrested for Roseville thefts

Cynthia Patrias Roseville PD

Cynthia Patrias
Roseville PD

Robert Jesse Miller Roseville PD

Robert Jesse Miller
Roseville PD

ROSEVILLE, CA – The Bonnie and Clyde of Laundromats and car washes were arrested last week for a string of coin-operated machine thefts in Roseville and throughout the region.

According to the Roseville Police Department, detectives arrested Cynthia J. Patrias and Robert J. Miller, both 49 of Turlock, on suspicion of grand theft, conspiracy and other related charges.

There are two other suspects that are pending charges.

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Between June 14 and 21 in the early morning hours, the couple went into at least four businesses and drilled the locks to the coin boxes. The thefts occurred at a Laundromat on Folsom Road and coin-operated car washes on Eureka Road, Taylor Road and Pleasant Grove Boulevard.

Roseville detectives were able to identify a group of thieves that were linked to the thefts in Roseville after interviewing witnesses, reviewing video surveillance and gathering information from other area law enforcement agencies. There were at least 14 similar thefts between February and June in the counties of Placer, Sacramento, El Dorado, Yuba and San Joaquin.

The total loss to the victims, including repair costs, is in excess of $21,000.

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